Top regrets of the dying… What can you do to avoid them

No human can escape the fact that one day he/she is going to die! I can put this in polite words, but a fact is a fact however you put it across in words. We are all busy with education, jobs, family, travel, finances etc and never really think about such morbid details. Of course, it is not healthy to have negative thoughts all the time but have you taken a little time out to think about your death? What would you regret most on your dying day? Here are some of the top regrets that people have and our two cents on how you can avoid them (this list is based on international survey) –

Top regrets of the dying

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Top regrets of the dying

1) I should have let myself be happier –

Many people on their deathbed have felt that they could have been happier in the state that they were in instead of wishing for more or complaining about the current state of affairs. We should strive to achieve more in life, but we should be happy with what we have. A positive outlook always helps us to achieve more. It helps to be less serious and is nice to laugh at some silly jokes or even laugh at yourself and find humour in life.

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2) I wish I had saved more for retirement –

Some people in their dying days feel that they should have managed their retirement funds better. If you have not planned for your finances for retirement, you could get into trouble. In old age, one may not have a regular income and inflation and medical bills can eat into your savings. It is important to plan for your retirement so that you can live comfortably without any financial trouble.

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3) I wish I worked less –

We are always busy making a living. We are so immersed in working towards reaching our career goals and business goals that we forget to make time for ourselves. It is important to make money but not at the cost of our health, personal time and relationships as in the end these things matter more than materialistic things.

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4) I missed spending time with family and friends –

It is important to spend time with loved ones as that time makes for the best memories. It is important to spend time on activities that we like so that our lives will be more fulfilled. Many people on their deathbed regret losing touch with friends, drifting away from family ties or missing on their children’s growing years as they were busy working too much, meeting impossible deadlines and working long hours in office just to prove to others that one is working hard.

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5) I should have taken more chances –

When we look back in life, we see many missed opportunities. Some people regret that they did not chase their dreams or were scared to do something considered unconventional. When one is healthy and has the time, he should take the chance and try to fulfil his dreams. You  should apply for that dream job or take the course that you always wanted to or a business. You should be more courageous and not live as per boundaries that you have set for yourself. Yes, a stable job, a steady salary and a comfortable life are important but once in a while, we should try to do what we are really passionate about and that is living to the fullest.

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6) I should have taken care of my health and happiness –

Many people close to their last day, feel they should have taken better care of their health. We should find time in our daily routine to follow a healthy lifestyle. This helps us physically, mentally and financially in our old age. We are responsible for our happiness. It is important to maintain relationships and do things that will make us feel happy. If we are too serious or do not make ourselves happy, we will be grumpy and have a negative outlook in life. This affects our health and wealth. It is better to resolve issues as soon as possible else it might be late leading to bigger problems.

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Take some time out and review your life, work, finances and relationships. Do you think you will regret some things later on. If yes, it is not late yet. You should make some conscious decisions and concrete action to change your lifestyle that so that you don’t experience any of these regrets when it is too late.


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