Ask Readers: Can you Share LIC Samridhi Plus Review

This week we wrote review on LIC Samridhi Plus. The response was very good from the readers. It seems, TFL readers are getting smart or may be only smart people are reading TFL.

The recent unfortunate update is that, LIC Samridhi Plus has already sold more than 75000 polices & collected more than Rs 300 Crore. And the bad part is these policies are sold by people who don’t know how it will work – even they don’t know what is equity & debt. Worst of all is that these are purchased by those who don’t understand anything & mis-understand everything. Can we help them?

I am writing this post just because I want to request one thing to every TFL readers.  Hope you have read review of LIC Samridhi Plus & my views on it.

If you agree with those views will request you to visit

LIC Samridhi Plus

& share it with all your friends.

Why you should Share LIC Samridhi Plus Review with friends?

  • We all have heard that “Knowledge increases by sharing”. Plus today you will share something good with them & in future they will share something good in future as they know you have interest in this subject.
  • It is also possible they may not agree with you but it’s good that you can discuss on this matter.
  • This will motivate me to write better.
  • And the biggest reason you are contributing in spreading Financial Literacy in India.

Comments that I got on LIC Samridhi Plus Article

Naresh Said “You have rightly said that the insurance should not be mixed with investment. So one should take “term insurance” only as per his/her requirements. For investments, there are various other options like Mutual funds, equity market, Debts, etc. to chose from.”

Sanket  Shared “Thanks for the valuable info given here. I am an LIC agent myself but have been advising people against buying ULIPs. I have burnt my own hands buying ULIPs. Only after I became an agent I understood how I was at a loss. Though the idea is great as in it takes the headache out of paying separately for insurance and investment purpose, the way it works is flawed. One would rather invest in MFs for growth and term plans for risk cover and have peace of mind.”

How you can Share LIC Samridhi Plus Post

Facebook: It is a great medium to share news/views with friends. Just visit LIC Samradhi Post – at the bottom you will find F SHARE button click on it & follow the process.

Or just copy this URL & paste it on your facebook wall.

You can also tweet or email it to your friends through buttons at the bottom of post.

With your support we can save few more financial lives this year.

Let’s spread it.

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  1. Hi Hemant,
    As usual,this article is also an eye-opener for many of us.
    I am 100% agree with you that,
    “Only smart people’s are reading TFL” & getting smater everyday.


  2. Hi hemant
    I was thinking to invest in samrudhi plus, thank god ur views heped me a lot…


  3. Hemant sir,
    i m thinking about investment in LIC jeevan saral
    pl. tell me merits and demerits about LIC jeevan saral plan. i m waiting about your valuable comments.

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