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Financial Planning Services NRI“I did not know Hemant until I stumbled upon tflguide. It turned out to be a happy and deeply satisfying stumble.

I am a 45 year old Non-Resident Indian currently based in Singapore.  All my investments were in local products and a chunk of my earning going to pay premiums in whole-life and universal-life policies. I had some cash and wanted to get started in India and that’s why I commenced my search for an Independent Financial Advisor in India, discovered his website, liked the range of topics and clarity of thought in the articles and requested him to advise me.

Hemant in his own polite way shattered my nice little illusory world. My investments in Zurich and Friends Provident were never going to get me to my destination. My premiums in universal life policies were a real, heavy drag. He explained how. Concerned, I requested him to help chalk out Financial Plan for me. There were various drafts, revisions and a constant give and take. Through online tests he understood my risk profile and preferences. All that went into the Financial Plan.

I now have a much clearer view of what I am doing and why and how I am to meet my medium and long term goals. I have started tidying up my clutter/ mess in Singapore and have a clear strategy for investments in India. His financial coaching has helped. I am now reading more and more books about investment and personal finance. Have been asking him questions which he has been patiently replying and providing counterpoints to.

His office chipped in too. Vinod helped me trace some old investments in India. Vikas volunteered to get me a new PAN Card (I lost the old one) and helped me put all documentation in place. In what was a surprise, Hemant disclosed what was in for his firm should I choose him to help me with investments.

It is always enriching to talk to someone who tells you what needs to be told, is willing to work hard to come up with customized solutions, never shies away from engaging you on various concepts and is there to guide you and not fleece you.

My ‘Financial Journey’ has just begun and must thank Hemant for his advice. I would categorically, unequivocally recommend him to anyone who is looking for an Independent, trustworthy and competent financial planner.

Next time I am India I look forward to grab a cup of tea or coffee with him”

Yogendra Sharma – Singapore

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“Couple of years back when I started to look at my earnings and savings I couldn’t relate one to the another. I decided to start on the path to better financial planning (self), after sometime I realized that it’s not working for me, I was able to make it look good ‘on paper’ to satisfy my wife and myself on our financial stability based on future earnings whereas the actual number showed another story! That’s when I thought of taking some concrete steps, stumbled upon tflguide on the web while looking for guidance, read numerous articles from Hemant. His knowledge, depth of experience, quality of advices, presentation of complex finance subjects in a fairly simple manner enabled me to make a decision on using his financial planning services. Several sessions inclusive of information collections sheets, identifying goals, risk assessment, questionnaires, and interviews showcased Hemant’s structured approach towards analyzing my financial situation thereby gaining my confidence. While working on my financial plan, suggested portfolio, action plan I was educated at every step, never did I felt rushing through anything. Hemant’s associates were very responsive and supportive during implementation of action plan.

At this point, I must say that I am totally satisfied with Hemant’s services and highly recommend him to anyone looking to avail financial planning services towards a better and stable financial future.”

Ravi Anand, US

“I subscribed to Hemant’s service not too long ago and so far found him to very knowledgeable about his  domain and very easy guy to work with. He has a well thought strategy to understand the overall financial roadmap of his client and he is very methodical in his approach. He has helped understanding and finalizing goals for me and explained me suggested financial solutions in great detail. Right now I am in the implementation phase and knowing Hemant so far, I am sure he will continue to offer excellent service by periodically reviewing the financing plan, taking feedback plans, checking implementation status or further improvising the solutions offered. All in all – a great guy to work with. No one will be disappointed working with him – assured”

Santosh Kamane – U.S.


“I’m very satisfied by Hemant’s services – I’ve found him to be exceptionally detailed, very attentive, rigorously quantitative, and extremely approachable. His vast knowledge of various financial topics, mixed with his courteousness and habitual timely responses, make conversations with him very insightful and beneficial. I’d most certainly recommend him to other colleagues and friends.”

Mihir Pandya, Singapore


“I think Financial Planning is a systematic approach to start the process of actually planning to achieve one’s goal. I got introduced to Hemant after reading his articles from his website TFLGuide, which I must comment is a great way of delivering financial knowledge in the easiest way possible. I have subscribed for his services and I am quite satisfied and would also recommend him for financial planning activities. Best of Luck for Hemant and his team of Financial Planners, keep up the good work and Hope that you would always ‘understand people before numbers’.”

Monish Thapar – Kazakhstan


“I always thought of planning my finances the smartest way, but had no expected knowledge on how to lay a road map or where to start. I heard about Hemant from one my known contacts and after reading though all his articles on TFL website and after personally speaking to him I really felt that he is the right person whom I am looking for to help me to shape and lay road map for my finances. Hemant is a true professional and a good listener and never misses an appointment, which are the most important attributes that one should have particularly in the finance field to win the trust of the clients. Hemant has taken greater care in laying road map so that I could easily reach all my goals in the available time. I was quite a lot impressed with the high level of knowledge which he possesses and the degree of command he has in his subject.

I highly recommend Hemant to anyone who wishes to shape their finances for a better tomorrow.”

Raghavendra Sai – United Kingdom (UK)

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