Financial Planning for NRIs in Middle East – Testimonials

Financial Planning for NRIs in Middle East“My views on ARK Financial Planners Services

  1. In the engagement letter all the terms and conditions are clarify defined for the first and second year onwards to avoid future conflicts.
  2. Your website financial articles made us curios to discover and learn more about financial planning. We have started exploring other websites also related to financial planning.
  3. Individual risk assessment survey on the clients and your professional expertise skill tools is being used for the allotment of the financial planning which is commendable.
  4. From the above we got familiar with financial terminology and enabled us to choose the optimum product available in the market ( E.g. : Term plan, choose on the basis of settlement ratio and premium etc )
  5. Referring to our long term goal towards children Education, retirement plan, we got a clear vision of budget estimated to achieve the goal and accordingly we cut / reduced the unnecessary expenses we used to have.
  6. You devoted us your valuable time to explain, understand and convince us regarding the financial report submitted by you.
  7. You exposed us to Personal accident policy, which is a must for every individual as today’s life is mechanical. We experienced an unfortunate accident in our near family leading to permanent disability causing great suffering, financially and mentally.
  8. So far we lost our precious time and money (investing in insurance, and building) due to absence of financial knowledge; this concept should be introduced in the secondary level of education itself and implemented in the beginning of the professional career and shared with spouse and children. We are sharing the same with family and friends.
  9. In our friend circle particularly NRI’s we find hardly anybody having knowledge of financial planning.
  10. I have been showing my son the financial goal planning to attain his higher education it has influenced him in his studies in a positive way.
  11. Your regular e-mails related to the financial planning have been boosting up our financial knowledge. From the past four months I have gained much financial knowledge than compared to my entire life.
  12. When it is analyzed, your suggestion to implement a will is appreciated to avoid conflicts among the family members.

We have already suggested about your services to our friends and relatives.”

Mahesh M Kumar – Ras Al Khimah – United Arab Emirates


“I am very very happy and greatly satisfied with the Retirement/Financial planning services you are giving to us. I was basically not taking care of my expenditures and investments. I had lost big share of my savings by making unwise investments. The agents/ friends and relatives who made me invest in wrong proposals were not there with me when the results / losses started appearing. When I realized that only a few years were left for my retirement and lots of my savings is gone, confusion and fear of retirement gripped me. I started having sleepless nights and health issues. At this juncture only, I browsed the net and joined TFLGUIDE.

Till I joined TFL GUIDE, I did not know the importance of systematic Saving/inflation/Retirement planning etc.etc… By going through many of the eye-opening articles posted by you, I started learning about inflation/investments/Retirement planning, etc… Each and every article posted in the site brought me awareness about the personal financial matters and the right approach to it. Your methodical approach to the retirement planning is fantastic. I am pretty confident that the financial plan you have advised me has put me in the proper vehicle and road to reach the important goals which I have set for my family and myself. The sessions of personal talk you gave had boosted my confidence and I started feeling that I can have a peaceful retirement.

Now I am just concentrating on the financial plan you have advised me. I am relaxed. I have no anxieties and am having a peaceful sleep. I am confident that we will be able to maintain our current standard of living after retirement also.”

Sekar Balakrishnan – Qatar


“Hemant from Ark has been my financial advisor since 2011. He has consistently offered me sound and appropriate financial advice. He is prepared to spend time discussing, explaining and exploring different opportunities for investment with me. His carefully considered strategies and his knowledge of the financial marketplace have resulted in establishing a broad based portfolio of investments for me.”

Sudhir Pushakaran – Kuwait


“During my search to find a right partner to work with, I have been through the financial planning process with different planners but have admit your process was quite detailed and during that process I also discovered quite a few things about my finances, that I had overlooked for some time.

I always struggled to understand/read the final plan given to me by other providers and failed to understand how they will help me achieve my goals. While, I liked about your approach as you were very transparent with the process and ideas, hence, it enables me to see through the complete plan you device and gauge the benefits it may bring in the long term.

Looking forward to put the plan into action and reaping benefits from it”

Hitendra Moleti – DubaiUnited Arab Emirates


“Hemant has been advising me on my financial affairs for the last few months. He has demonstrated sound and conservative financial ability. He is professional, proactive and always available. He consistently strives to impart financial knowledge and discipline not only to his clients but to anyone who seeks his help. I trust his advice and have no second thoughts in recommending his services.”

Saji Mathew – Salmiya – Kuwait

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