Certified Financial Planner Delhi NCR – Testimonial

Certified Financial Planner Delhi Gurgaon“I have been managing my finances for almost for 7 years. And one definite outcome I could see was, it’s not my cup of tea. Yes, it took me really long to realize that. But I got serious when I saw my marriage approaching, I could not continue to toy with my finances. That is when I started looking for professional help, and one fine day came across a blog on TFLGuide while I was searching for something. I liked the blog very much, and went through the loads of other blogs available on the site, only to end up with lot of appreciation for the author. To my delight I came to know that they also provide professional financial planner services. I did not waste time in contacting them to know more details about their services. Talking to Hemant I got feel of talking to someone who knew what he is talking about, and now I am one of his proud subscribers.

After the initial discussions and few data collection exercises, Hemant presented me with a detailed status of my financial health. I was lucky to find myself on the comfort zone. Subsequently, he drafted a road map for my short, medium, and long term goals. Advising me on my insurance needs, and helping me monitor my cash flow. The sense of relief and security that I have experienced is unmatched. Hemant, I would like to thank you and the whole Ark Financial Planner Team.”

Manish Kumar – Software Developer – New Delhi


“I would say that I was happy with my Investments I thought that I am very good to handle my finance. I had done some investments mostly with LIC and few ULIPS thinking that I had done enough to support my family. My all Investments were in debt as I was always having reservations about Equity.  I have been approached by several Insurance agents showing ULIP’s and so called Financial planners who were showing me different products based on the returns of last 10 years, 20 years etc but they were never able to satisfy my questions when it came to investments as they were mostly focused on their products rather than my financial situation.  By reading the articles at TFLguide blog I understood a little about that my knowledge on finance matters is very little which made me little concerned about my finances. I decided to take comprehensive Financial Planning service from ARK. Within the initial plan discussions stage, I realized the value of the money which I have invested and where are I am at present. With the details provide by me, ARK team analyzed my present financial situation and presented me of my present situation about my savings and investments. With their help I was able to find out what kind of money would be required for my future coming requirements and also shown me that path how I should plan for that. With the coaching, I realized that what is the financial value of my life for my family. ARK team is quite responsive to my questions and queries.

As it is a journey just started, I strongly feel that this is a correct step in right direction. Now I realized that my investments were actually not giving me any value which was shown to me. Having money with good thing but know the value of the Investments is the most important thing.”

Ashok Mishra – IT Project Management– Faridabad

“I personally believe that proper financial planning is very important. One needs to get a regular financial health checkup done in much the same way as we get our physical health checkup done. For a long time, I was not sure of how to go about this (being disillusioned with the so-called “wealth managers” from reputed banks), until I came across Hemant’s blog. In his articles, he came across as someone who has a firm grasp on financial matters, and a passion to educate and use his knowledge to answer practical questions about personal financial management. This is the reason I decided to use his financial planning services, and I am very happy with my decision to do so. Hemant’s approach to analyzing my finances has been very systematic. It is also customized, as it needs to be, since every individual’s circumstances are slightly different. He has come up with some very sensible suggestions about the changes that I need to make. Even for the aspects of my finances that did not need any change; his analysis provided me with the conviction, and consequently the peace of mind, that I am on the right track. I would unequivocally recommend Hemant’s services to anyone who cares about his financial health. The very reasonable fee that Hemant charges for his services are well worth the results.”

Sandesh Goel – Software Engineer – Noida

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