Power of 12 in 2012

We will open the book. Its pages will be blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Years Day. I would like to share 12 personal finance articles that can help you to make most out of the Financial Opportunities in 2012.

Last year my first article on TFL was “Personal Finance Tips from a recent Trip”. With your motivation & support – I added 95 articles in 2011.

My Choice

My choice of these four articles is just based on the message these articles hold.

Secret of Achieving High Returns

Child Future Plan – Complete Guide

Guide to Financial Freedom

A penny-wise consumer – A pound-foolish Investor

You can check archive for Old Articles.

In Media

In 2011 almost 20 articles & more than 50 query section got published in different newspapers/magazines – I have selected four articles which can help you to face this brutal financial world.

Delay at your own riskBusiness Standard

Thumb rules of Smart Financial PlanningFinancial Chronicle

Identify Investor in youMoney Mantra Magazine

Retirement at RiskFinancial Planning Journal

You can check more Media Articles Here

Reader’s Choice

Most commented clearly means readers choice. Most commented article of TFL is guest post from Anil Kumar Kapila – Best Mutual Fund for SIP (461).

Magic of Mutual Fund SIP (303)

LIC Samridhi Plus Review – Don’t Invest (247)

8 Most important Mutual Fund Questions (202)

How to choose best term plan (178)

Must share what you learned from TFL in 2011 and what do you expect in 2012??


  1. Hi Hemant
    Adding 95 articles last year is great. I think I have read most of them. I am going to check archive to see if I have missed any. I prefer to read the articles I like again and again. Hopefully, I will be able to share what I have learnt from TFL one day. That will be a good subject to write on.
    TFL has motivated me to read and provided a good platform to write, comment and interact.

      • Hi Hemant
        I had started noting down the points which I wanted to pen down. When I got first issue of the Newsletter I found that most of the points which I had noted down are covered in the articles in the Newsletter. So I don’t know what to write now.
        Please accept my congratulations for producing a beautiful Newsletter. The content and quality are superb. I would like to have as many as you can provide.
        Immediately after downloading it I took a printout and filed in a folder so that I can read it again and again. I would have preferred to read it on my iPad which remains with my daughter most of the time.

  2. Hi Hemant,

    I have No word to say your thanks to make me aware about financial freedom by reading your articles. Iam reading your articles since last 1and half year and it gives me depth knowledge on investments and planning for the furture.

    My best wishes to you and the TFL for 2012 .

    Munish K. Singh

  3. Hi Hemant,
    It is great to read your articles. I came to know lot of things from your articles. Pl can you give some idea of investment plan for different income group people.

    My best wishes to you and TFL for 2012.


  4. Hi Hemant,

    On the onset, let me wish you a Happy New year!! Wish that you continue to write more articles and guide us on the Financial Freedom.

    Thanks again.

  5. Happy new year Hemant – it has been a joy to get to know you and I’m looking forward to interact with you a lot in the coming year as well.

  6. Excellent job Hemantji. 95 articles on the blog and 20 got published are excellent. Your message is reaching to the world. Keep up the great work and let’s wish for a wonderful New Year. Sincerely.

    • Hi Mansoor,
      I really appreciate that you helped readers by putting your valuable comments & also motivated me a lot. Thanks.

  7. Hi Hemanth,

    As i have mentioned earlier i came to know about TFL only few weeks back.But i beleive its “Better late than never.” I have gone through most of your articles.Reading your articles gave me in-depth knowledge on investments and financial planning.Keep up the good work.Best wishes TFL.

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