Happy Birthday TFL

A birthday is just the first day of another 365 day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip!!

Yes, its time to celebrate. Our TFL is now a three year old kid. We call it a kid because it has just started and there are lot many things The Financial Literates(TFL) have to do.

TFL was born to educate masses, masses which are ignorant about handling financial matters, masses which are literally crucified by greedy agents, masses which are big times savers but yet to mature as investors. We are not talking about you as you are now Financially Literate but about millions of Indians who are yet to be heard by us. Our goal is to provide quality financial education to as many people as possible including kids, teens and adults that empower them to create financial freedom in their lives.

So what all TFL did in last 3 years

As a famous quote of Warren Buffet goes, “An investor has to do very little things right as long as he/she avoids big mistakes.” So our focus in last 3 years was mainly to let  you know what all you should not do. TFL educated more on “What not to do” and “how to avoid large – scale mis-selling that is taking place” and our very first article was on “Mis-selling Month”. Yes July 2009 was a mis-selling month when Mutual Fund industry came up with maximum NFOs and distributors asked investors to invest all that they can invest within that month as from the month of August  “No Load” regime came.

In last 3 years, we have written more than 200 articles

– articles that debated a lot on how insurance is misunderstood in India

– articles that talk about emotional mistakes of investors

– articles that influence the psychology of the investors

– articles that gave timely information to you

– articles in Hindi, articles in English

– articles that are for you and me

Through TFL, we initiated Quarterly Financial Planning Newsletter that is reaching more than 20000 people and we wish that this number only increase.

Under TFL banner, we also started writing articles in media – few of the newspapers/magazines where our articles regularly feature include Business Bhaskar, Indian Express, Business Standard, Money Mantra etc.

You shall be happy to know that TFL within 3 years is now a big family.

We have readers across the world, close to 20% of our readers comes from USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore & Middle East. Right now we have approximately 17500 email subscribers & close to 2500 subscribers from other social media sites including Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter.

Now we want all our family members to really make this family even bigger. If you like our efforts/articles, please do refer www.tflguide.com to your friends, relatives, colleagues, near and dear ones. Please do interact with us and let us know how we can improve ourselves and how can you benefit more. Please do share your thoughts on articles that reaches you and do help us to make each Indian a Financial Literate.

Hope that coming year would be much better than the year gone by.

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Hemant Beniwal is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and his Company Ark Primary Advisors Pvt Ltd is registered as an Investment Adviser with SEBI. Hemant is also a member of the Financial Planning Association, U.S.A and registered as a life planner with Kinder Institute of Life Planning, U.S.A. He started his Financial Planning Practice & TFL Guide Blog in 2009. "The Financial Literates" is a dream & mission to make Indians Financial Literate.


  1. Hearty Congratulations and Best wishes for TFL’s Happy Birth Day. Wishes many more to come. On this occasion I express my deep sense of gratitude for your good efforts to make us more literate in the financial visions.

  2. Congratulations to you guys, You are doing a great job. I came across your site about 2 months ago and have gone through many articles you have published, most of them are eye-openers and I have learnt a lot from it. The language and the way things are explained are too good and very easy to understand. Your knowledge, research and analysis are excellent.

    Keep it up guys, you are the best.

    Wish you a very very happy birthday.

  3. Hi Hemant
    I have already wished TFL a happy birthday.This birthday feature is beautifully designed.I especially liked the 2 year old kid in various moods, clapping
    and shouting.It seems to depict your response to the comments of the readers.Writing more than 200 articles in two years is no mean task.TFL has a very noble mission.Keep it up.

  4. Hai Hemant Bhai,

    Congratulations to you and TFL team …I just come across your site two weeks back and within this time i have read almost all your valuable articles..all of them are very informative and explained in a simple language.Your intentions of making people Financially Literate is really working now but still you people have to travel a lot…let me tell you something from my experience ;
    I’am 27 years old and in case of my friends,Most of them are getting a high salary but their way of spending money is also very high.many of them are the only source of income to their family,but still none of them have any insurance and investment planing.When ever i post any songs,photos etc in my Facebook wall ,i will get lot of comments ,likes etc for that post.But when i post your article ‘Investment strategy for young people’ , i didn’t get a single comment for that.When i try to talk about SIP on Mutual Funds,They are simply laughing at me and even they ask me ” when u get the new job of MF agent,what’s your commission ” etc. Unfortunately most of them have LIC policies like New Bima Gold, Jeevan Anand etc and they thinks that everything is secured buy taking these policies…Anyways as far they are my friends,i wont mind it and i will continue to convince them about importance of term insurance and investments with the help of your articles.

    You people are doing a wonderful job…keep it up and be with us always.

    Thanks and regards,

  5. Hi Hemant,

    Congratulations on your TFL’s 2nd Anniversary, I Wish you, TFL readers and its members A Very Happy Birthday….

    May GOD bless TFL & its readers/members and we look forward to many more years like this…


  6. Hello Hemant,

    TFL is the best website in the Country..Complete financial guide..Wish u a very Happy Bday n have a gr8 years ahead..We are all with you..

  7. Hi Hemant,

    Best wishes for TFL’s Happy Birth Day and throughout the coming year..
    Keep it up


  8. Dear Hemant Sir

    Many Many Happy Birthday to TFL and I wish like this year TFL comes with innovative research for Investors and help in wealth creation.


  9. Wishing hemant and manikaram and the full team at TFL, keep up the good work guys of educating the financial illeterates, will be contributing from my side also in the time to come, cheers.

  10. Congrats
    Useful info on mediclaim policy; really liked it. Beauty was the comments section and readers contribution of their experiences

  11. Dear Hemant,

    I would like to join all of well wishers to Congratulate you for the occassion.

    Awareness is the basic block of learning and success, and you have started the task of extending awareness to all, both the ones who have a lot to invest as well as people who have small sum of money. Now both these catogories of people will be investors due to a capign you have started.

    The beuty is simple language and explaination in your articles.

    Keep it up

    Congratulations on ce again and let this site be on the horizon for years to come.


  12. Congrats Hemant and Team. Just 2 months back I started reading your articles. Basically I am zero in Finance Terms and investments. After reading your articles, I am feeling that my confident level in finance part is improved a lot. When I was thinking to invest in LIC’s Smirithi Plus, I come across your article. Your article saved my precious money. When I went open my PPF account in SBI, the mutual fund division employee tried to mislead me by explaining other market oriented insurance scheme. If I am not a TFL reader, definetely, I would have gone for insurance for my investment. Now I started PPF and feel safe.

    Thank u and wish TFL a lovely elegant birthday. Happy returns of the day.

  13. Hi Hemant ,

    Congratulations on TFL’s 2nd Anniversary , Wish you and your site wonderful journy ahead …..
    I first started reading your website from this Feb and since then i am big fan of your articles
    Many articles were real eye opener and they really helped me to avoid financial mistakes that i was about to make
    When i did my complete financial planning from you , it helped me to get completely relaxed about my future and investment related to it
    Biggest advantage it gave me is that now i know clearly that how much i need to save & invest each month to meet my goals and this gives me freedom to spend the rest of amount freely without worrying about my future

    Many Thanks

  14. Hello Hemant,
    Wishing TFL a very happy 2nd Bith day and many more colourful returns. A great eye opening site. I feel it is just calmly doing a great job, the job of bringing out the people living in some sort of illusion and make them financial litterate. One has to just join TFL and go through minimum one aticle per day and try to apply it. The benefit will be in tons.
    All the very best to you and all the team members.

  15. Hearty Congratulations and Best wishes for TFL’s Happy Birth Day…TFL is doing great things for real investor…Till now Indian investors are doing Saving & not Investment…TFL teach them what is saving & what is investment…Really very good site….& doing great job for Investors.
    ‘To save must be a habit of childhood, but to invest must be the habit of adulthood….
    Please.. Please.. Please do the SIP.Do now or never..Tomorow never come the day comes every day is Today only…
    Haresh Shah
    Mutual Fund Advisor

  16. Dear Hemant,

    Many congrats on successfully completing 2 years of TFL, a huge source of MY financial literacy, one of the finest site with easy to understand lenguage and for people at large..You have really started a movement..Hope this will be just the second of many more to come..Congrats once again…

  17. thanks a lot for all the good things you did for us
    so I will take this opportunity to wish u a very happy million return of this day

  18. Dear Hemant and TFLguide team

    Wishing you and all team very Happy amd prosperous new year ahead. As usual keep coming with lots of useful and informative new article. You are doing wonderful job for Investor and reader across the board

    With Best wishes
    Haresh Baraiya
    Melbourne, Australia

  19. Hi Hemant,

    Congratulation to you for 2nd Birthday of TFL.

    After becoming part of TFL, I learned a lot about financial market and I take this opportunity to thank you for such a valuable advices.


  20. Many congrats on successfully completing 2 years of TFL & Mr.Hemant Ji one of the finest site with simple to understand and for people like meYou have really great. We wish your for many more to come.

  21. Congrats Hemant on completing 2 years of this journey. I hope TFL celebrates many more birthdays. As they say, “tum jeeyo hazaro saal, saal ke din ho 50 hazaar” 🙂

  22. Many Many Happy Returns of the day TFL. One of my favourite sites on financial literacy and sincerely appreciate the effort and the wonderful articles.

    Wishing TFL many many more birthdays and a larger base of followers.

    Vijay Hegde

  23. Happy Birthday…

    It been great .. and it been a learning journey all along.

    Thanks for being there and educating us..

  24. You are doing a great job. It is rare to find such sincere effort to help people with no ulterior motive. Most financial advice is biased and so your blogs are like fresh air. Do keep it up. Wishing you all the best!!!

  25. Hemant,

    Congratulation on the 2nd Anniversary of TFL and many more to come.
    Keep up the good work.


  26. Congratulations. I have enjoyed reading your articles and especially as you highlighted it is important to know ” what not to do”. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  27. Dear Hemant Sir

    Many Many Happy Birthday to TFL and I wish like this year TFL comes with innovative research for Investors and help in wealth creation.


  28. Hearty Congratulations and Best wishes for TFL’s 2nd Happy Birth Day.
    Love you for Educating us on our Personal Financial development.

  29. happyyyyyyy birthdayyyyyyyyyyy dear TFL.

    will celebrate the 50th !!!!

    keep up the good work


  30. Dear Hemantji,

    I wishes you A Very Very Happy 2nd Birthday to TFL and to all team of TFL. You guides us as a Best Teacher about financial investments. So we are very Thankful for that. …………………….Heartly Congratulations………………………

    Heartly Congrate 2 u & ur lovely child tflindia/tflguide….
    Tum jiyo hazaro saal,saal k din ho pachas hazaar!!!!!!!!
    Normally we have to teach a child to grow up,
    but ur child from 2 years had teach us a lot……
    thanx a lot…….
    Keep it up……

  32. Thank you sooo much! 🙂 you guys made my day. Today I got the feeling that TFL is really helping people in some way.
    I have also noticed that almost 20-25 people commented for the first time today. I request them to frequently add comments & ask questions – you may not get the right answer but you will definitely learn how to ask the right question. 😉
    Also remember Gyan Batne se Badhta Hai – must share with your friends – what you are learning.
    One of the readers added “Anyways as far they are my friends,i wont mind it and i will continue to convince them about importance of term insurance and investments” That’s the spirit.
    Have a wonderful financial life!!

  33. Congrats to you as well as us. you delivered the knowloedge successfully and we received it the same way.
    Thanx and just keep going.

  34. Congrats, Hemant Ji…. wishing a very happy 2nd anniversary to TFL. you are really doing a wonderful job. There is not single day passes when I discuss about your articles to my family.I love this site . this really opens my eyes in the field of investment, and I wsh it will help me to convince my husband who is least interested in investing in MF .
    A great guide site , wonderful articles and a handsome person who is always ready to help us managing our investments….

  35. Hi Hemant,

    Many Happy returns of the day.

    Thanks for doing the good work.

    All the best in your future endovers.



  36. Hearty Congratulations and Best wishes for TFL’s Happy Birth Day. Wishes many more to come. On this occasion I express my deep sense of gratitude for your good efforts to make us more literate in the financial visions.

  37. Dear Hemant,

    Many many congratulation. No doubt that you succeed in you mission or in your vision that you have in your mind to make a massive awareness of financial planning .

    Best of luck for your future strategies toward the financial literacy .

    Munish K. Singh

  38. Dear TFL,
    gr8 travel with past experience of 365 days. keep going and adding knowledge to so many with your skill.
    god bless You

  39. A lot of Congratulations……..

    Great Work, Thank you very much for that.

    Please keep guiding us.

  40. Hi TFL!

    Congratulations! I think this would be the best time to let you know that TFL has been a very good source for my financial planning. Thanks a ton to you and your efforts.

    Congratulations once again and wishing you many more great years ahead!


  41. Hement,

    Hearty Congratulations and Best wishes for TFL’s Happy Birth Day.

    Shrikant U Solanke

  42. Hi Hemant
    I am facing a small problem.
    In the last two years you have written more than 150 articles but in archives you have mentioned only the last 100 articles.Hence I am finding it difficult to locate around 50 articles which have not been mentioned in archives.

  43. Congrats Hemanth… ever since i’m onto TFL I had been managing my finances better.. all because of u and ur articles… expecting more of such ahead..



  45. Dear Mr.HB,Congratulation to you on the TFL site turning Two.Your initiative on spreading Financial Literacy is laudable.The article will be eye openers for a lot of folks.Keep up the good work – Both as the father of the TFL website and as a CFP.I find the articles useful.Regards

  46. Hi.. I am new memebr to this TFL family and your each article is educating me. whenever i find good article i send the same to my friends. I found this site very very useful for financial knoweldege and financial planning. Wish u many many happy returns of the day.

  47. Congrats!! you are among few good sites who are truly serving the purpose of spreading financial knowledge in general public. Keep up the good spirit.


  48. Hello Hemant,

    TFL is the best website in the Country..Complete financial guide..Wish u a very Happy Bday n have a gr8 years ahead..We are all with you..

  49. Hi Hemant,

    Happy Birth Day to your TFL!!

    Your articles are really good and you are doing a great service to our people who don’t know much about financial management. Please keep up the good service.

  50. Hello TFL,

    Wish you many many happy returns of the day. Its been a gr8 journey and has helped a lot of people know about their financial planning. It keeps on getting better day by day. Only problem I have with this article is that the baby does not look like a 3 yrs old. Should be a bit taller than that..lolz 😉

  51. Hearty Congratulations and Best wishes for TFL’s Happy Birth Day. Wishes many more to come. On this occasion I express my deep sense of gratitude for your good efforts to make us more literate in the financial visions.

  52. Hi Hemant,

    Heart Felt congrats to you and your team for successful journey of past three years. Many Many Happy Returns of the day. We wish you all the success in the years to come, and wish that your drive of creating & spreading financial literacy reaches pinnacle of success. You are doing the best of Social service by your news letters and awareness drive. Your articles are really eye opening and people get lots out of it….Once again Wish u a lot of success in the years to come….

  53. Hi Hemant I am new memebr to this TFL family and your each article is educating me. I am reading & storing all your articles & whenever i find good article i send the same to my friends also. I found this site very very useful for financial knoweldege and financial planning. Wish u many many happy returns of the day.

  54. Hello Hemant !

    Congratulations on completing two years ! Your newsletter has indeed enlightened us all on so many aspects relating to personal finaance. It is very difficult to get sound financial advice at a time when many so called financial advisers have their own agenda. Good show & keep it up !!!

  55. Congrats….

    I regularly follow your articles and i found it very usefule. Especially i like the way that you explain the concept.. hope we receive more number of articles from you in future.

  56. I wish the TFL a happy birthday and keep serving the general public on their financial matters. Hats off to you for your excellent service.

  57. Dear Mr. Hement,
    Hearty congratulation for completion of 3 years.
    We are getting really great information from you website.
    Keep it up and have great year ahead.

    Ashish Potdar.

  58. Congrats Hemant,

    this is not only a kid but a wonder kid, who is the real guide for new learners like us.

  59. I have been following TFL from last one year and keep eagerly waiting for the next article Keep this good work going on for many years to come.

  60. Hi Hemant

    Congratulation for your successful journey ….

    Good work … Keep it up 🙂


  61. Hi,

    Happy B’Day TFL 🙂 Your articles are really good. Every time I have to make some decision on financial planning, first thing I do is to go through your related articles. TFL really helped me in making financial decisions.

    Looking forward for more..


  62. Hi
    Many happy returns of the day to our TFL. We love to watch you growing up.
    TFL is our dream & a platform where anybody & everybody has many things to learn. TFL is successful in educating the willing persons. Congrats….
    Please continue to keep us updating about Financial literacy.
    We love you
    Indrajeet Singh

  63. Congratulations

    You are doing awesome job . The user engagement over the years have really gone up and doing well . You got a good user base now . Well done !


  64. Uncountable Good Wishes to TFL for completing another successful year of great wisdom and mentoring in the field of Financial management.
    As you grow up, we would expect loads of resourceful articles coming into our way to overcome the financial glitches while making decisions in our lives.
    May you long live!!!!
    Happy Birthday!!!!
    God Bless 🙂

  65. Congratulations TFL. Thanks for your relentless efforts in teaching financially illeterate or literate masses and our journey in PF is sailing smooth with your help.

  66. Dear Hemant,

    Congratulations on completing 3 year journey. So far as all the users of TFL, this has been really insightful and we wish many more B’Day bashes to come. Keep up the good work.


  67. Cpongratulations to all the memebers of TFL family and special wishes to the father of the magazine-Hemant Beniwal.

  68. Many HAPPY returns of the day to 3-year-old kid (TFL) and his daddy (Hemant)..Good show..May you go on and on…

  69. Heartily congratulations to all who are associated with TFL. This is great great site for people like me who didnt even know the ABC of financial management. With the help of experts like Hemant i have started taking some right steps to manage my finances. Keep going guys………:-)

  70. Heartly Congrats Hemantji!!!!
    You r doing gr8 job by spreading Investment Literacy!!!
    Keep up the good work….

  71. Hai
    Hemant Ji,

    I wholeheartedly congratulate you and your team for the timely updation of financial knowledge in us. MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS. I wish many more occasions to come in the future


  72. Congratulations on completing 3 successful years!!

    I have learnt a lot from TFL and it has been a great experience so far.
    Keep up the good work and looking forward to many more successful years.

  73. Congratulations and Happy Birthday TFL Team,
    It is an excellent site which will teach Financial Knowledge, Artciles are Simple and Superb,,,
    Many Many Thanks for your efforts & time…

    Thanking You
    Sanjeeva Reddy

  74. I m new member and in love for the same, can u please guide me about the ICICI pru.Guaranteed saving insurance plan they claim that it is 12.50% return
    the song for TFL “Tum jiyo hazaro sal or sal ke din(member )ho hazar

    • I think you have been tricked by some one from ICICI Pru Life Insurance.
      Please confirm his / her credentials. And if possible hand him over to the local cops for further interrogation. He will prove to be a pawn in the chess game,
      further up there are likely to be more skeletons in the cupboard.

  75. Congrats & wish u and team a highly successful 2 years journey.
    What makes u THE DIFFERENT is your style of explaining your point thru all of your posts.
    I have always enjoyed reading ur articles .wish u & TFL many more years of successful journey.

  76. A very happy birthday and many more to come!!! It is actually incredible how much I learnt since I started following TFL. It is true that all are not vocal or write an opinion but I am sure lot of people like me take lessons from TFL and apply in financial decisions.May be I can compare it with so called ‘Tip of the Iceberg’ phenomenon. Anyway on this happy occasion my sincere and warm ‘Thank you’ for such a great effort. Kudos to you and all the team members.

  77. Dear Hemanth & Team,
    Congratulations! Best wishes to all of you. Keep up the good work. Trust many more people will be benefited with fiancial guidance fro you & your team.

  78. Congrads to TFL and Hemant. i wish you all the best to bring more articles in coming year as well. Yes, we are lucky/litrated via TFL.
    let continue your journey. All the best.

  79. Happy BirthDay Dear TFL
    WE r enjoying because of u ,
    U r da reason of my smile because u taught me best on investment ,
    n saved me from MISSSELLING
    LoveU TFL
    Amita lavania
    From ………BHUTAn

  80. Hi Hemantji,
    Hearty Congratulations and Best wishes to you and TFL team …
    On TFL’s Happy Birth Day.
    Thank you for your effort to make us financial literates.

  81. Congratulations to u and ur entire team… I have read almost all your articles and its of great help and knowledge enhancement.

    KUDOS to your team and u…

  82. Congrats Hemant & TFL. Great job by you . I saw your article (your enterprise story ) in FPSB Journal also. Thanks for making difference.

  83. Happy birthday and wish you remain a true friend, philosopher and guide for all of us for the generations to come.

  84. wish you all the best! hope we carry on educating a common man about financial planning and to avoid pitfalls on the way. I am of the view, calling a spade a spade.
    Beware before you buy a financial product.
    My advise: if anyone approaches you to sell a financial products especially unsolicited don’t allow him/ her to enter your premises. Say him goodbye from a distance of 10 feet. And if he/ she persists; hand him over to the cops under various sections of I P C. The cops will be happy to give him a royal treatment behind bars. That apart, he will forget for ever to sell/ mis sell financial products for his vested interest/ greed/ for selfish purpose of filling his pockets at our expense. AMEN!

  85. congratulations and best wishes to all the team members of TFL for their exhaustive and valuable guidance for the last two years. Many mores ahead and may u educate more financial illiterates as u grow older.Thanks and best of luck

  86. Hi Hemant,

    Congrats for the milestone. I too echo the sentiments of other readers. I came across your site 6 months back. It was a perfect find for me as at that time i was struggling with my financial planning. TFL articles are simple, to the point and best aspect is that, reader (or investor) is kept in mind while writing. After reading the few articles itself I was convinced that TFL is a valuable site to visit very frequently.

    Not only I’m thankful to you for such valuable information but also I find it inspiring that despite being busy you are able to find time and regularly share the knowledge.

    Best wishes to TFL and you.

  87. Hi hemant

    Congratulations for your good services.

    It is very informative and alertive service what you have given to the comman man. Any comman before investing goes through this service will thank you for investing their hard earned money into this type of fradulatent finance business.

    God bless you.


  88. Hey Hemant and team,
    Happy third birthday
    Wish you lot of success and many more readers.
    TFL has made financially aware … Thanks a lot !


  89. Hemant,

    I am frequent reader your site is good and I think you are 2G ( Genius & Genuine)

    You grow and others grow in their knowledge. Knowledge is Power

    Congrats & Best Wishes on Happy B’day!!

  90. Congratulations !! A beautifully designed page.
    Keep up the good work…. its worth celebration…..

    Happy Birthday and wish many more to come…. !!

  91. Hey u are always helpful….u r really doing a nice job….i am always keen to read all ur articles…truly you are great help in making decision related to financial matters…i keep all ur suggestion in mind while going for any financial policy.
    Thanks with regards
    ………………happy birthday…..TFLGUIDE…….

  92. Happy bday TFL…I have found this site just 1 day back..n have already read almost 150 articles…!!!(weekend hai yaar)..I am 24 and serious about investment since just last 1 yr..and have been doing some reading since then..but I must say..this site and Onemint are the MOST useful,honest & comprehensive sites I have ever chanced upon!!!
    Great work Hemant, you are truely a life-saver!!
    A very happy bday to this smart little baby or yours 🙂

  93. Congratulations to TFL for completing a 3-year journey by educating a lot of people and helping them making informed financial decisions. Wishing TFL more success in future.

  94. Many more HAPPY BIRTHDAYS , to TFL . Providentially landed on this site. simple language , very informative and almost AUTOGRAPHICAL , hence very appealing and touching .
    All the FinBest. , to you Hemantji.

  95. Dear TFL,

    Your articles have truly been an eye-opener for me and has helped me in many ways for which i have no words to express my gratitude. Thank you and continue spreading Financial literacy to the illiterates.

  96. Dear TFL,

    Happy birthday! Hope TFL all your dreams come true one day.
    May God bless you with loads of happiness and joy in every step of yours. Happy
    Birthday to the most important financial literature Site I have ever known. Happy Birthday to you, my lovely TFL!
    Its possible only your effort sir. I can understand .how many challange you face in rajasthan region,when you are the only one financial planner in city and start spread to awareness in that city threre nobody have’nt heard about financial planning.its very challenging task.I salute to your courage and thoughtful.

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