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It is just the twentieth day of the month and you are wondering where all the money has disappeared? Thinking back you can count maybe two or three major expenses, but it still doesn’t sum up to the large hole in your wallet??!! Doesn’t this sound familiar? How many times have we all felt this, however how many of us really keep track of how we are managing our hard earned money.

We have gradually transformed from a generation of great savers to a generation of great spenders. Over the years the country has witnessed a sea change in the income patterns and subsequently a change in lifestyles and spending patterns too. Our parents followed the age old tradition of starting their careers and retiring from the same organization. Living their lives by the ‘save for the future’ mantra, most luxuries would be attained late in life. For example, most would build a house after crossing the ‘mature’ 50+ age bar. Today’s double income couples however, start paying their EMIs for a car, house etc. much earlier. Better incomes, frequent job changes and keeping one ‘happening’ in the social circle with material achievements are the benchmarks of success. The more complex money matters become, the need for managing it prudently becomes obligatory.

This is true for everyone from students managing limited pocket money to newlyweds learning to run a household to businessmen handling multiple bank accounts or retired persons utilizing their old-age pension optimally. Personal Finance management is required to primarily understand your own money. It could be anything from buying a car, house , gadget in installments or  starting a family, planning a vacation ,and saving up for rainy days when there’s a recession in the market. Whatever the case may be you need to know how and where your money comes from and where all it goes. This analysis is necessary for the users to prioritize their expenditure heads, be it necessities or luxuries.

Such examination of personal finance is required even more with the current rise in prices for every commodity or service. Modern day parents might gift credit cards to their kids; still it is mandatory to keep a tab on how the child actually spends the money. You may consider this example an extravagance, but consider this. Even basic requirements like education have become a costly affair. We may laugh at a parent lamenting the College Entrance fee of her child being more than her total expenses in three years of college education. But soon we shall be paying for our child’s kinder garden school entrance fee which will be more than the sum total  spend  on our entire education!

Grim as this seems, sweat not, because this is where the angels of web based tools and services for personal finance management come in to relieve us from our predicament. Even if you are a disciplined individual keeping track of all your money matters, regular manual tracking has its own limitations. PERFIOS being user friendly for people even from a non-finance background, managing personal finance online seems a cakewalk. Devoid of confusing technical jargon, this online service aids you in taking control of your own money, just the way you want it.

Salient features of Perfios (Personal Finance One Stop)

  1. First and foremost feature – it’s FREE for all and the best part – it ask for only one email id to register. Yes that’s right, no other personal Information asked for – not even your name.
  2. It has an Auto Update facility for almost every Bank! Be it your Bank account, Credit Cards, Mutual Funds accounts, Demat accounts or for that matter even ULIP (Insurance) accounts can be auto updated at Perfios. Meaning, you need to login to Perfios ONLY to see the transactions of all your financial accounts.
  3. Now comes the questions of security – Perfios is certified by the world leaders Trust Guard and VeriSign. Over and above that Perfios never stores any passwords/ID on their servers. The credentials gets encrypted and stored in YOUR machine only.
  4. Other than Automatic updates of your accounts, Perfios has a unique feature of Statements upload and emails. This feature enables a user  to simply upload any E-statement which he would be received from any Bank, AMC, broker and Perfios would automatically convert that file (could be any kind of file – pdf, excel, html, zip) into a Perfios format and update your respective account!
  5. You can use Perfios to generate multiple reports – more than 20 ways in which you can slice and dice your data. Tells you how much you have been spending on fuel, grocery etc. Calculates your Capital Gains etc automatically.
  6. Perfios is all about automatic updates – it even categorizes your banks and credit card transactions automatically, like – telephone, grocery, gift, electronics etc.
  7. With all the accounts set up, Perfios also computes Income Tax automatically.

Much more to explore at Perfios Website

This tool shows a true picture of expenditure trends of an individual or family across months/years or across various heads thus providing useful insights into unnecessary wastage’s which can be cut down or streamlined. Keeping the above in mind, just go ahead and make friends with this online tool and let it manage all your finance in one place without any loose ends, smartly and securely. And before long, you shall discover that your dream vacation is not unaffordable any more. In fact, your judicious money management is already yielding some golden eggs and it’s time to just sit back and enjoy them! This is sure to make you independent in the true sense of the word i.e. ‘financially independent.’

Hemant Beniwal: This post is written by PERFIOS team. Other than superb FREE for life version they also have premium versions with additional features like SMS Alerts, perfios mobile, income tax wizard & few other useful tools.

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  1. Congratulations to the winners of Perfios Contest. (selected through Randam . org)

    And the winners are:
    Sushji Bajaj
    Sanjeev Sawal
    Mehul Naik

    Perfios Winners

    They will be contacted very soon.

    I think good part about this contest was no one is a looser here – as you can use the perfio free version.

    • Looser ?
      The quality of customer care for free user i think is not upto mark.
      My account is locked for last 5 days, have sent email to [email protected] .
      But they have not even bothered to acknowledge my complaint, leave aside fixing it.

      • Just send them a reminder email and they replied within seconds. I really appreciate that.
        They somehow had not received my previous email, if that is true (and there is no reason for me not to believe them) I have to bite my words.
        They will go a long way if they keep their customer happy even the free ones 😉

        In the same breath I would like to commend the customer service of flipkart, I am a big fan of their service.

  2. I have subscribed to the newsletter, liked the facebook page and also shared the post on my facebook wall. Kindly let me know if I have won it !!!

  3. Dear Sir,

    I have done a facebook – like and facebook – share as required by the lucky draw for the free personal finance software. Please include me in the lucky draw.

    Yours truly,
    N Madhavan

  4. Hi Hemant,

    I have been using free Basic version of Perfios for some time and I am happy with it.

    Platinum and Gold membership is valid for one year which does not make sense even if free.



  5. Hi

    I have shared the post on facebook.
    Include me too in the lucky draw for the free software


  6. Hi
    I am subscriber as well as i just sent this link to my friends
    please include my name in your list

  7. I have completed the two conditions.also have an account on perfios.the free version till now.its good.wud be glad if i get the platinum plan!!

  8. Hemant,

    Very good initative. Perfios is very good software, I had tried their demo version some time back.


  9. Done. Me too have an free version account on perfios.
    Would be more than happy to have a platinum plan 🙂

  10. Perfios is a nice site. However I am a little amused by the criterion you have used for getting selected! It would have been nice if you had said answer 5 simple question on personal finance. Instead you are using this as a strategy to market yourself. Nothing wrong. But I find it amusing coming from someone who promotes financial literacy. This is another offer which comes with a catch!

    • Hi Murugan,

      I don’t have much idea about promoting these things on blog – it’s first giveaway from TFL. I have seen most of the blogs doing similar things – let me share contest run by my web designer at his blog shoutmeloud. He is giving free theme:

      1. Retweet this text and comment with tweeted link:
      Retweet to Win 3 Premium #WordPress theme http:.. via @ shoutmeloud
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      3. Join us on Twitter @ shoutmeloud and Facebook @ shoutmeloud

      Now coming to marketing yourself – there are 3 beneficiaries in this promotion:
      1st TFL Readers – they are getting a chance to win something which is helpful in managing their finance. What they are sharing is a good thing – not something which is not good for their friends.
      2nd PERFIOS – If they are giving something for free they need something back – what I can give them some eyeballs on their product & brand.
      3rd TFL – as it’s giving platform to promote something so having few new subscribers. (may be wrong – I don’t know)

      But thanks for showing me mirror.

  11. Hi,

    I have fulfilled the above two basic criteria required to win a free software of perfios. Hope to be one of the winner of the platinum edition.

    Hope I am considered for the same.



  12. I have fulfilled the criteria – already subscribed to the newsletter, liked the FB page and shared it on my FB wall.

  13. […] Hemant is running a contest on his site where he is going to give away one free copy of PERFIOS which is a personal finance software – the entry rules are easy (as they usually are in these contests), so if you are interested then do check out his post. […]

  14. Hi,

    I’m already subscribed to TFL Weekly Newsletter And Like the Facebook Page of The Financial Literates.

    Now I shared this link in Facebook as well as tweeted.

    Please let me know both the criteria fulfilled.

  15. I am already a member on facebook for this site.
    I have also shared the post on my facebook wall.


  16. I have shared your page with many of my friends and hope that they also will do and learn financial planning the right way and timely manner.

  17. I think this kind of communication will improve my knowledge regarding my earnings and will change my thinking towards financial planning.hope i will get more details next time.thank you hemant.

  18. SIR,i have started using it but can you help me in ‘how to register STP in mutual fund in PERFIOS ?’

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