Financial Planning Infographics

Rubik’s cube (puzzle cube/magic cube) has an excellent resemblance to our lives – in particular our financial lives.  It is clear that in order to solve a Rubik’s cube puzzle you need to acquire a certain skill set. The irony is that although each puzzle has one solution only, to set it straight you should have a thorough knowledge of other aspects too. In life, to achieve your goals, you need to know about both personal finance concepts and financial planning too. This Financial Planning Infographics talks about:

  • Parts of your Financial Puzzle
  • What you wish & reality
  • Problems people face at different stages of life
  • Misconceptions about financial planning
  • How financial planning can help

Note: This week world celebrated 40th Anniversary of Rubik’s Cube – Erno Rubik (Hungarian architect) invented this in 1974. “If you are curious, you’ll find the puzzles around you,” Erno Rubik, now 69, has said. “If you are determined, you will solve them.” I was so impressed with this guy & the puzzle that Rubik’s cube actually become base of my “Financial Life Planning” book that was published by CNBC. (I am republishing this post after 1 year) In the end of this post I have shared first page of my book 🙂

Financial Planning Infographics

Financial Planning Infographics

First Page of my “Financial Life Planning”  book – Rubik’s cube 🙂

Financial Life Planning Book

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  1. Hi Hemant,
    Good article. With financial planning one feels secure about meeting your life goals and confident about facing any financial risks in life. Its a new way of living life and I hope middle class Indians discover it as soon as possible.


    • Hi Anurag,
      I think people have already started showing interest in financial planning… I believe it will gain pace with new regulation that is coming in.

      • Hi Hemant

        Thanks a lot for all your posts…. they are really very informative.
        Just wanted to check which “new regulation” are you referring to in the response above


  2. Kudos for the magnificient work. The thought process involved behind this infographic must have been with an Bird’s eye view. Very simple to understand and relate to daily life.

  3. Nice article, It provides the exact information and picture about life with financial planning. Every one should do financial planning, goals can be achieved effeciently with financial planning. I have also to do the financial plan,, but have lot of questions in mind – How to start, where to start, who is best financial planner, Can decisions taken by financial planner are reliable. Please guide me in this.

    • Hi Sandip,
      As you are reading this – you have already started.
      Best planner is a myth… Is there any best doctor.. I don’t ask my doctor if he’s the “best” at anything. I ask if he can cure me. If I recover, then the doctor was well suited to my needs. I think same thing applies with financial planning.

  4. Very nice article sir, after reading this article people will understand what is actually financial planning and what does a financial planner do.

  5. Sir,
    you are doing great job, previously i dont look about this subject very seriously but after readings your great diffrent articales, i really understand the importans of systamatic financial planing in our life,
    to maintain our self healthy we are regulary following exercises & strict dieat likewise to enrich our financial health a discpline & systamatic financial planing must required, thanks for your kind self sir for sharing your great knowledge & awakening about the financial plannig importance in our life.

  6. thank you sir ! very well explained through diagrams and pictures , really appreciable 🙂 🙂

  7. Dear Sir,
    one msg share with you. please guide me. Is true?
    DHFL cumulative Fix Deposits scheme 14 month 10.76%. 40 month 10.75% . Min Amt 50,000

    • Hi Anil,

      You can check with respective companies for any corporate FDs related details. But do evaluate the risk return characteristics before investing.

  8. Dear Mr. Hemanth,

    Thanks a lot for such a nice article. It gives an in-depth analysis of the financial planning.


    Syed Moosa

    • Haha 🙂 tandulkar of fp 🙂
      Good to hear this from a financial planner. Thanks Anil.

  9. Hi Hemant,

    I invite you to provide financial planning tips to self employed professionals like dental surgeons on the forums.

    There is a special forum on MONEY MATTERS.

    If you have any problems in the utilization of the forums pls do let me know.


    Dr. Veerendra Darakh

  10. Loved this. The graphic depiction makes the same old concept of planning and managing one’s finances interesting to read.

  11. Its really good tips and help in planing . I big fan your articles. Picture will always has more influence then just reading. Its very good.

  12. Very creative and interesting article my hemant sir . If 1st page was this much good, what about the whole book, i’m definitely going to read it 🙂

  13. Good information in nutshell. Makes it easy to understand the need of financial planning. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Dear Hemant, One Term Insurance Question. I have already 30 lac term insurance in Aviva ilife. Now i want to take additional 20 lac term plan from HDFC life Click 2 protect. please give me a suggestion. i want to take a separate personal accident policy also…

  15. This is an awesome effort. I think instead of reading many articles on financial planning one can easily follow these images and understand every aspect of personal finance planning. Good work….

  16. I can so related to the info-graphic, I always thought investment was like a formula that you need to get right to reap benefits in your later life. It was explained very nicely I have shared the link on twitter as well 🙂

  17. I have been following you from the past 3 years. I thin i have made a lot of progress on the financial literacy though still a long way to go on the implementation part.
    Some thing that i did in the last 3 years:
    Took Term plan
    opened PPF account
    This years plan:
    Increase term plan (daughter turned 1 year old)
    Open Sukanya samruddhi account
    open NPS
    Take group health insurance.(have company’s insurance until now)
    Start SIP to MF(until now am holding stocks from 2 years mostly juggling).

    The most important thing i am realizing (yet to realize fully) now is goals in life is as important as plan and Action.

  18. What a nice presentation. Seems like the book is having more awesome content for a beginner. Good work guys. 🙂

  19. Hi Hemant,

    Thanks for your contribution toward upgrade our financial knowledge and understanding.

    I want to know how many bank account should be in a family? ( You may write an article on it.)

    These are few assumptions …
    1. Every account cost aprox 200 per year ( ATM & SMS fee).
    2. No maintain minimum balance aprox 300 per quarter.
    3. Remembering ID & Password, PIN.

    Few more….
    1. There are Working Men (Salary account) + House wife + 2 Kids.
    2. Income 30K to 50K from salary.
    3. Want do investment in name of both (husband & wife). you may consider kids also for investment.
    4. There should be at least 1 joint account ( preferable Public sector bank in there home town or in city there they have house).
    5. All investment account number should be secrete and safe.
    6. Need separate account for
    A. Salary account.
    B. Emergency fund
    C. Investment In Query/ Mutual funds.
    D. Investment In FD & RDs
    E. Online Bill payment, Shopping, Fund Transfer and other daily/monthly task.

    looking for your response
    Thanks & Regards

  20. Well, this is surely one of the best articles I have read about financial planning… mainly because it is a pictorial representation. Not boring essay.

  21. Very nice way to portray these points. Very impressive. GOOD GOING…
    Parts of your Financial Puzzle
    What you wish & reality
    Problems people face at different stages of life
    Misconceptions about financial planning
    How financial planning can help

  22. Very nicely written article, I love your blog. You always right very useful and informative articles, keep writing articles.

  23. Very nice Infographics, I enjoyed each and every page of the graphs. I’m impressed by your work, Keep it up..!!

  24. Very nice Infographics, I enjoyed each and every page of the graphs. I’m impressed by your work, Keep it up..!!

  25. Hi
    I am 31 years old single working in IT company with a salary of Rs 60000 per month now, it was very less before, however even i am working from past 9 years i am not able to save anything so far, instead of paying EMI of rs 19000 per month & will continue to pay till March 2020 for my personal loan.

    I do agree that i have totally spoiled my financial condition but now i am very much worried about future . My family/parents are depended on me , have to get marry , i am getting mad when i am thinking about future how me/my family will survive in future & what will happen after retirement.

    Please guide me how can I place myself in a financial safe place & can assure my future.

  26. Awesome infographic Hemant I really liked your website and it’s innovative articles I never get bored of reading articles from your website. Keep up the good work.

  27. This information really worth saying, i think you are master of the content and thank you so much sharing that valuable information and get new skills after refer that post.

  28. Nicely explained on financial planning exactly that’s how when it comes to reality thanks for sharing an informative info.

  29. Hello, I have a few questions related to financial planning which are not related to the article you published. Do you have an email or contact number I can reach you at?

  30. Such a great informative post. Really nice, Thank you for sharing this post with us. Keep posting!

  31. Hey,
    Thanks for sharing this helpful & wonderful post. i really appreciate your hard work. this is very useful & informative for me.
    thanks for sharing with us. thanks a lot.

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