Don’t Blame Brand Ambassadors for Your Wrong Buying Decisions

Recently there was a news item about residents of a housing property trolling MS Dhoni on Twitter to be disassociated from being a brand ambassador. There was then a debate on various news channels if stars are to be held legally responsible for their endorsements that have gone wrong.

A celebrity gets money and popularity for endorsing products. Companies use celebrities as brand ambassadors for their products as fans will identify with the celebrity and copy his or her likes and dislikes. But it is irrational to think that celebrities should be made responsible for companies’ mistakes or our mistake. The celebrity cannot be expected to have the technical knowledge or know-how on the processes of a company. Nor can he be expected to visit the manufacturing units or check the logistics process unless he is part of the company.


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What about Us

How many of you know what is happening in a different department of the company that you work in? A person working in operations has little knowledge of the finance department or administration department of the same company.

Whose responsibility

The companies use celebrities as people are highly influenced by the advertisements that celebrities come in and can be influenced to use the products and services advertised. But the onus of responsibility of quality and legality should be on the company and not on the celebrities,

Celebrity is not responsible

If the celebrity comes to know that the product is not as per quality standards promised, then he should disassociate himself from it. If the celebrity has a partnership in the product or a profit oriented stake, then he can be made responsible to the extent that the other partners will be made responsible. Else if the company assures the celebrity that they are following rules and regulations, then the celebrity cannot be blamed. Maybe they can have an agreement in writing about the credibility of the product.(even if they don’t, it’s not their responsibility) There are many people working on the product, its marketing and other aspects. Everyone then has to take the blame for the product’s irregularities or the company’s wrongdoings.

Selection of Brand for endorsement is there choice

Yes, there could be a certain category of products that he/she can avoid. For example, some sportspersons do not endorse soft drinks as they are unhealthy and sportspersons are supposed to be living a fit and healthy lifestyle. Some do not endorse alcohol or tobacco products as they are harmful.

Some celebrities are realising the power of their endorsement and believe they should act more responsibly. For example, Amitabh Bachchan in a speech said that he has stopped endorsing a cola drink after a school girl questioned his role in its promotion. Dhanraj Pillay, the hockey great never used to endorse soft drinks as he feels as a sportsperson he cannot advertise unhealthy products. Wrestler Sunil Kumar said no to liquor ad or Kangna Ranaut doesn’t ad for beauty soap.


These are their personal choices & we appreciate them for their stand. It is good if harmful products are not endorsed by celebrities but to make them responsible for the products is stretching it too far. Even if they would have endorsed, we haven’t blamed them for our health or skin.

Do you know? Celebrities can’t endorse mutual funds in India?

Do Not Blame Brand Ambassadors

Instead of blindly following celebrity endorsements, before buying a product/service one should follow a rational process of buying. He should make an intelligent buying decision –

   – What do you need?

   – What is available in the market

   – Which one suits my requirements and parameters for decision-making?

   – Buy the product

   – Evaluate product and buying decision.

Rather than aping celebrities blindly, this is a better and rational way of buying something.

Amusing Court Case

“Axe Deodorant Didn’t Get Him Girls for Last 7 Yrs, So He Sues the company” – it’s not a faking news but I know you are smiling 🙂

You may or may not agree with me – must share your views in comment section. 

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  1. If celebrities are made responsible, they will avoid appearing in ads, this will give chance to lesser celebrities. The lesser celebrities will not be able to defend them well once the product is found below acceptable standards. Therefore, there is no need of making actors responsible.

    In India almost all ads are far from reality and claims made in ads are unreasonable,
    there should be some government agency which should monitor the claims of companies, because what companies are doing is fooling and cheating the customers by making false claims. If govt. is not able to curb some NGOs may like to file PIL against such companies.

    • Completely Agree Prabhakar. Plus there’s a need that we become responsible & control our emotions.

  2. Hi,
    if Sachin says, ” Boost is the secret of my energy.” And if some how, it is proved the Sachin never drank any ounce of it? And that he misled people by believing that he had Boost all through his years.
    Whats your take on that?

    • Hi Kapil,
      I can guarantee Sachin don’t drink Boost, Dhoni avoids revital & Kohli don’t drive TVS bike – but proving this will not help. We have to understand this is the way ad industry is…. btw someone told me Kaitrina don’t use Lux : )

  3. Brands often misuse celebrities for their sales,agreed!and they should be fined for fraud if found guilty.But what if any celebrity endorses a brand for money without checking the credentials of the company?If as a customer we should check the product than celebrity should double check before endorsing it because people have trust in them(b’coz their image) and they R in public life.Money should be secondary.At least there should be disclaimer in large fonts.

    • Good to see a different point of view – “disclaimer in large fonts” is my dream : )

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