5 Funny Investment & Insurance Cartoons

A Picture speaks 1000 Words then a Cartoon can speak………… today I will keep my mouth shut. 😕

Enjoy Cartoons & don’t forget to add your comment in the end. (you can click on pictures to enlarge) 😕 😕

Cartoon on Investment

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Cartoon Insurance Mis-Selling & Retirement

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Funny Equity Jokes

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Cartoon on Gold

Gold Vs Equity Performance
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Cartoon on Equity and SENSEX

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Waiting for your funny comments 😉


  1. Really nice Hemant,
    Funny and informative. These concepts are simple to many, but could be really tough to explain to beginners.

  2. Hi Hemant,
    Your article is very nice its the Funny way of spreading awareness about some serious issues and mistakes people make financially it was help full for me please keep post these type of articles
    Thank you

  3. Hi Hemant,
    Nice way of attracting the audience and making them understand about the serious issue in a funny way i liked it a lot. keep posting this type of article’s going further

  4. Hi your content is unique and very interesting very attentive graphic or memes very nice to look at it and understand the website knowledge.

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