Should you buy Sovereign Gold Bonds?

Should you buy Sovereign Gold Bonds? Today I will not answer this – you should tell me your views, after going through the post. We ran Ask Readers series in 2011-12 – today I am reviving this. Let’s see if you can learn something new [...]

7 ways to buy GOLD – this Diwali…

Gold has always caught attention as investments. Festivals add to this charm as they form part of rituals to become top of items in the shopping list. In the given scenario people buy and consume gold in different ways. With advent of technology and development [...]

What I think about Gold Prices… Now

These days I am getting lot of queries regarding gold & most of them start with “What should I do with my gold funds?” so I decided to share recap of what has happened in last couple of years & what I think now. In [...]

Ask Readers: Your views on Gold Prices

SBI Gold Fund is there as every Indian is trying to participate in the gold rush. Let me first share few facts about gold : 1. This year Gold may generate its best 1 year return in last 32 years if it will touch $2000 [...]

SBI Gold Fund Review – Think before you Invest

Should I call it a side effect of higher gold price that SBI Mutual Fund is launching SBI Gold Fund? And, SIDE EFFECTs are normally bad… what do you say?  Globally first Gold ETF (exchange traded fund) was launched in 1993 but in India oldest [...]

Recently I wrote on Reliance Gold Savings Fund – should you invest?  I think I invited a storm by writing that. The article received lots of comments with different perspectives. People who shared their views included Financial Advisors, Mutual Fund Employees, day traders & investors. [...]

Reliance Gold Savings Fund Review – Should you Invest?

Reliance Mutual Fund has launched the Reliance Gold Savings Fund & there is a big buzz in market around this product. What a great time to launch such fund when gold is rising and equities are a bit in problem.  Investors are tempted to open [...]

All that glitters is not GOLD

People say “all that glitters is not Gold” but now-a days, Gold is glittering more and investors are flocking towards gold. You see, when a user demands a particular commodity more, manufacturer line up for selling more. It is immaterial for the manufacturers whether the [...]