Don’t Blame Brand Ambassadors for Your Wrong Buying Decisions

Recently there was a news item about residents of a housing property trolling MS Dhoni on Twitter to be disassociated from being a brand ambassador. There was then a debate on various news channels if stars are to be held legally responsible for their endorsements [...]

The Art of Thinking Clearly in Personal Finance

Warren Buffett says "Until you can manage your emotions, don't expect to manage your money". Rolf Dobelli in his book, 'The Art of Thinking Clearly' has pointed out 99 cognitive errors ('systematic' deviation from logic) and  behavioral traits that we use in our day to day thinking [...]

How to make sure that your health insurance claims are not denied

This month I went through minor surgery & was hospitalized for couple of days; there I though about writing this post - what else you can think in hospital other than bills or insurance claim settlement :) You did the right thing by buying health [...]

What should Women know about Retirement

We all wish for a long healthy life. But if we want to live long, we will be spending many years in retirement and we need money to take us through those years fulfilling our needs and wants. In case of a woman, retirement is [...]

All About Max Bupa  Health Companion Plan

It is important to provide for adequate medical protection for ourselves and our family. There are many health insurance schemes available and we have to choose the one that suits our requirements the best. Max Bupa's Health Companion plan is an individual and a family [...]

You are Your Most Valuable Asset

What do you think is your most valuable asset? You might have 2 houses, 3 cars and investments  in fixed deposits and mutual funds. But unless you are not at your best as possible, all the assets are not of much use to you. For [...]

When not to invest in Equity Linked Saving Schemes (ELSS)

Equity Linked Saving Schemes popularly known as ELSS funds are still struggling in the Indian market to establish themselves. Many investors, who are afraid of the equity market, choose life insurance or Provident fund to save tax.  These products are few decades old and are very popular [...]

7 reasons you can get an Income Tax Notice

You have paid all your taxes. You have filed your income tax returns diligently. Even then you get an income tax notice?! Before you cry foul, let us look at the reasons that you might have got one - Image courtesy of Sira Anamwong at [...]