5 reasons for Investing Systematically

1. Light on the wallet: It is easier to build a long term innings with singles than hitting 4s and 6s everytime. It is convinient to save Rs.500 or Rs.1000 every month than trying to save a lac in one shot. SIP does not hurt [...]

A picture that explains Equity as Long Term Asset

The SUREST way to Wealth

The surest way in theory to become rich is to know tomorrow’s stock prices today. Moment we master the art and science of understanding market trends and harness our skills of accurately predicting the trends we will start rolling in wealth. Once we acquire the [...]

Your First Year Premium is just towards cost of ULIPs

A little known fact that’s is likely to be suppressed in the sales pitch of agents pushing unit- linked insurance plans (Ulips) is that a large part of a client’s first- year premium is usually a dead loss to him.Insurance companies appropriate the money under [...]

Mis-selling Month

There is another scam brewing in the mutual fund industry as fund houses are pushing all kind of equity schemes to investors before the ban on entry load kicks in from August 1. In fact, distributors are saying that they are being offered higher upfront [...]