Changes that would Matter you in New Financial Year

This financial year has come with some changes which would affect our personal financial in some way or the other. In this article we would like to highlight changes that are made in the interest that you get in your savings bank account, PPF account [...]

Why Ban on ULIP ?

On Sunday morning when people got up and read news papers, many got a shock of their lives and many were worried as well. Not that any calamity happen nor government raised any taxes. The news was “Banning of ULIPs” which made investor worried about [...]

What is Insurance – Investment or Expense?

What is Insurance & why we need Insurance is normally misunderstood by Indians. Insurance is one of the greatest inventions in the field of personal financial products. But it becomes fatal to financial life and costly once you end purchasing a wrong insurance solution.

New Avatar of The Financial Literates

We have been in the financial industry from a long time. We saw many innocent investors being taken for a ride by Greedy Agents, Bankers and Financial Product Manufacturer. All of them, instead of working for the investors, are working against the investors just to [...]

Fixed Deposit Vs Fixed Maturity Plan

What is an FMP? Fixed Maturity Plan (FMP) is fixed tenure, debt-based scheme, which terminate on a pre-determined date. FMPs are ideal for those investors who  wish to park their funds  for a  specific period. The return of these schemes are predictable as money is [...]

LIC Wealth Plus – Aapki ya Aapke Agent Ki

LIC wealth Plus was grossly mis-sold to naive investors.  LIC wealth Plus NAV is Rs 14.44 means just a return of 6.27% since launch. It was launched on 9th Feb 2010 at that time sensex was 16000 & today it is approx 30000 that means [...]

TFL Quarterly Journal (Jan 2010)

Click to Download TFL Journal(Jan 2010) View more presentations from The Financial Literates. For better Visibility please click the FULL button on the SLIDESHARE TOOLBAR. Content of the Journal Page1-2: Insurance is an Expense not Investment(Hindi) Page3-4: Term Plan(Hindi) Page 5: Insurance Agent is Mis-Selling [...]

Exit Strategies for mis-sold insurance policies

We at TFL, are working constantly on Investor Education and following different ways and means through which our message could be reached to as many people as possible. Blog, Seminars are few of the ways through which we started Financial Literacy. From January 2010, we [...]