TFL Quarterly Journal (Jan 2010)

Click to Download TFL Journal(Jan 2010) View more presentations from The Financial Literates. For better Visibility please click the FULL button on the SLIDESHARE TOOLBAR. Content of the Journal Page1-2: Insurance is an Expense not Investment(Hindi) Page3-4: Term Plan(Hindi) Page 5: Insurance Agent is Mis-Selling [...]

Exit Strategies for mis-sold insurance policies

We at TFL, are working constantly on Investor Education and following different ways and means through which our message could be reached to as many people as possible. Blog, Seminars are few of the ways through which we started Financial Literacy. From January 2010, we [...]

India’s Rise How & When(Video)

Hans Rosling was a young guest student in India when he first realized that Asia had all the capacities to reclaim its place as the world's dominant economic force. At TEDIndia, he graphs global economic growth since 1858 and predicts the exact date that India [...]

Financial Resolution for 2010

Every year we take some resolution because we want to change our bad habits or adopt something new that may bring happiness to us and our family. According to various surveys across the world Financial Resolutions finds place in top 3 new year resolutions. So [...]

Ad Mad: Mad Advertisement(Metlife Monthly Income)

"MEDIA WOH CHEEZ HAI JO HERO ko JERO aur JERO ko HERO bana deti hai. Many a times, we are pondered with questions from investors that we have seen ad in the TV or other media like news papers, hoarding etc and they look very [...]


In 2004 Election, BJP used this Phrase “INDIA SHINING”. That was just an ad or punch line but in reality as well, India is Shining. We at TFL, will bring series of articles where we will share information, facts, videos etc on why India is [...]

Laxmi Ji or Saraswati Ji- Whom should you worship

First of all, a very Happy Diwali to all our readers! Diwali is the most celebrated festival for Indians and we all light our homes with diyas. It symbolizes victory of Light over Darkness. We also do LAXMI PUJAN on this very auspicious day. But [...]

SENSEX rules Senses

Must Read - What is Sensex and Nifty? Sensex "It is absurd to think that the general public can ever make money out of market forecasts" - Benjamin Graham "Look at market fluctuations as your friend rather than your enemy; profit from folly rather than [...]