A Dynamic Life cannot have a Static Financial Plan

Life is a series of events. Some have a big impact and some have a small impact. Many of them have an impact on your financial plan. We can either be pulled and pushed by the tide or proactively manage the change. It is important [...]

Donald Trump wins US Presidential – against all odds & predictions. Most of the opinion Polls were giving 95% chances to Hilary until the end of Voting & then what happened is visible in this picture. We shared this note with our Planning clients on [...]

What should I know about e-insurance Accounts

The IRDA has announced that from October 1, 2016, all insurance policies fulfilling certain criteria laid down have to be issued in electronic format. Policies that are being renewed and satisfying the criteria will also have to be in electronic format. Image courtesy of jscreationzs [...]

Personal Finance Lessons from the Olympics

‘Citius Altius Fortius’ meaning Faster, Higher, Stronger  is the motto of Olympics. The ultimate sporting event for athletes to do their best, win medals for their country and gain sporting glory. There is a lot of hard work, tears, sweat and blood behind qualifying for [...]

7 Career Mistakes to Avoid

You need to have a strategy to manage your career so that you become successful. There are many people as skilled as you or as educated as you and as hardworking as you if not more. So it is important to take the right steps [...]

Should you buy Sovereign Gold Bonds?

Should you buy Sovereign Gold Bonds? Today I will not answer this – you should tell me your views, after going through the post. We ran Ask Readers series in 2011-12 – today I am reviving this. Let’s see if you can learn something new [...]

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Doctors in India

Why indemnity insurance? Doctors were revered in the olden times in India. But in current times,  due to some doctors’ malpractices or because of some doctors and hospitals trying to get more money by recommending unnecessary medical procedures and medicines, people look at the doctors’ [...]

10 Questions if you are on the Path of Do-It-Yourself Investing

Don’t “do it yourself” when it comes to Investing. If you or the anyone in the personal finance fraternity feel I am crossing the line, so be it… Shoot me… When websites and pundits are all of a view that DIY (do-it-yourself) is way ahead, I [...]