7 Career Mistakes to Avoid

You need to have a strategy to manage your career so that you become successful. There are many people as skilled as you or as educated as you and as hardworking as you if not more. So it is important to take the right steps [...]

Should you buy Sovereign Gold Bonds?

Should you buy Sovereign Gold Bonds? Today I will not answer this - you should tell me your views, after going through the post. We ran Ask Readers series in 2011-12 - today I am reviving this. Let's see if you can learn something new [...]

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Doctors in India

Why indemnity insurance? Doctors were revered in the olden times in India. But in current times,  due to some doctors' malpractices or because of some doctors and hospitals trying to get more money by recommending unnecessary medical procedures and medicines, people look at the doctors' [...]

10 Questions if you are on the Path of Do-It-Yourself Investing

Don’t “do it yourself” when it comes to Investing. If you or the anyone in the personal finance fraternity feel I am crossing the line, so be it… Shoot me… When websites and pundits are all of a view that DIY (do-it-yourself) is way ahead, I [...]

Do you need to Insure your Pet?

A pet is not just a domestic animal for a pet owner, it is a part of the family. Pet owners give love and care to their pets as much as parents would give their children. Therefore just like, we provide insurance cover to our [...]

Let’s look at LTA Rules, Exclusions & Tax Exemption

Leave Travel Allowance (LTA) is a component of one's gross salary. If you take leave from office and travel, you can claim LTA amount to the extent used for the journey without it being subject to taxation. If there is any portion of LTA left [...]

ESOPs in India – Benefits, Tips, Taxation & Calculator

You must have heard stories of crorepati employees of Infosys or some other big organisation - I am talking about 10 years back when salaries were comparatively low. Most of the Indian's still don't understand the power of equities but those employees knowingly or unknowingly get [...]

Top Lessons from Financial Planners’ Conference in US

Everybody has something that they would love to do if they didn’t have to work – except for a fortunate few who absolutely adore their work itself. First, find out what it is that really motivates you the most and drives you to want financial [...]