Buying online term plans is becoming very common these days; most of the financial planners including me are suggesting their clients to buy online term plans. Why?? Because if you are getting identical product at lower cost it definitely makes some sense. Even cost benefit [...]

Ask Readers: Your views on Gold Prices

SBI Gold Fund is there as every Indian is trying to participate in the gold rush. Let me first share few facts about gold : 1. This year Gold may generate its best 1 year return in last 32 years if it will touch $2000 [...]

Ask Readers: Why life insurance claim gets rejected?

Time & again I have written on importance of life insurance & why you should buy term insurance for that. But one question that haunts everyone – what will happen if my life insurance claim will be rejected?? Go through the article & share your [...]

Recently I wrote on Reliance Gold Savings Fund – should you invest?  I think I invited a storm by writing that. The article received lots of comments with different perspectives. People who shared their views included Financial Advisors, Mutual Fund Employees, day traders & investors. [...]

Ask Readers: How to Save Maximum Tax

Few months ago, I started running Ask Us page & TFL readers are asking their queries there and finding solutions. I am also doing query sections for Business Bhaskar & Indian Express and have faced quite a good number of tough questions, but this question [...]