Mutual Fund

ELSS Vs PPF – Save Tax & Make Money

Hope you will AGREE with me that your tax saving should be the result of your investment planning & not vice versa. So here fight is not Mutual Fund ELSS Vs PPF but much bigger than that. I will agree with you that it’s not that [...]

Don’t “do it yourself” when it comes to Investing. If you or the anyone in the personal finance fraternity feel I am crossing the line, so be it… Shoot me… When websites and pundits are all of a view that DIY (do-it-yourself) is way ahead, I [...]

Mutual Funds Pollution & how to control

A mutual fund collects money from different people/institutions and invests in different assets and securities like equities, bonds, cash etc. on behalf of the investors to generate returns. Mutual fund scheme units can be bought at Net Asset Value (NAV) from the Mutual Fund company. [...]

When not to invest in Equity Linked Saving Schemes (ELSS)

Equity Linked Saving Schemes popularly known as ELSS funds are still struggling in the Indian market to establish themselves. Many investors, who are afraid of the equity market, choose life insurance or Provident fund to save tax.  These products are few decades old and are very popular [...]

Mutual Funds Jargon – Get Your Basics Right

Investments in the form of mutual funds have become a necessary instrument to utilize one’s money more effectively for future. As a layman, an investor only knows how to invest in mutual funds and get returns on the investments. Thus, investor’s concept remains limited up [...]

No one asked major questions when KN Sivasubramanian (53), fund manager & CIO of Franklin Templeton AMC retired last year after working there for almost 20 years. During his times fund performance was beyond any doubt. May be due to history of Franklin Templeton – [...]

Which is the best ELSS Mutual Fund for 2015?

Which is the Mutual Fund for ELSS or which is the best Mutual Fund for SIP or which is the best term plan? This is the most common trick to ask secrets from Hemant. :) And as usual my answer is “There is nothing called [...]

5 reasons why not to invest in Mutual Fund NFO

It is a common practice across the mutual fund companies to launch new NFO’s (New Fund Offers) when markets are doing well. As more and more people invest only when market perform well, automatically it becomes an opportunity for Mutual fund companies to come out [...]