Do NOT Opt for Home Loan Protection Insurance Plans

First I thought the title of this article should be “Home Loan Insurance – Daylight robbery” – so you can imagine what I am trying to say. Most of us wish to have a home in our own name. From a financial perspective, it is a [...]

Recently there was a news item about residents of a housing property trolling MS Dhoni on Twitter to be disassociated from being a brand ambassador. There was then a debate on various news channels if stars are to be held legally responsible for their endorsements [...]

5 reasons why not to invest in Mutual Fund NFO

It is a common practice across the mutual fund companies to launch new NFO’s (New Fund Offers) when markets are doing well. As more and more people invest only when market perform well, automatically it becomes an opportunity for Mutual fund companies to come out [...]

LIC has a tradition of launching a single premium plan in the last quarter of financial year and it has kept it going. Amid the sea changes made by IRDA on traditional products from 1st January 2014, LIC has launched the first product – LIC [...]

Beware: Income Tax Refund, Lottery Mails etc

In the world of internet, financial transactions are gaining momentum very fast and Internet Banking, Electronic Transfer are common to hear. Earlier there were robbers who used to steal physical money , now they are being replaced by HI-FI Educated Fraudsters who are playing the [...]

How to Identify Companies Which Dupe Investors?

Hope all is fine and you have no outstanding from the Shardha Group of Cheating Companies. If yes than, my heartfelt condolences. Although the West Bengal politicians want that the residents of the state to smoke more (strong contender for case study at London school [...]

What Bankers Can Do to Sell Insurance?

Next time when a terrorist activity hit any of our cities, I am definitely going to part blame the role of Indian bankers. The yesterday event (sting operation by cobrapost) will definitely catch the attention of these extremist organization and we all know these outfit [...]

Banks are Mis-Selling or Bankers are Mis-Selling

We have always brought to your notice that insurance is grossly Mis-sold in India, specially through banks. Last week received a comment on LIC Jeevan Vriddhi Article – which was shocking, as bankers are clearly fooling their clients with support of their bancassurance tie-ups. Go [...]