Investor Psycology

Understanding the difference between Income and Wealth

Have you ever wondered why your salary is called income and not wealth and if you are a businessman, then your profit is called income and not wealth. Well my question is not in accounting terms but in Financial Planning terms. Well let us understand [...]

Stock Market Grape Wine

Read - Difference between Sensex and Nifty Read - What is ETF Your views on this... ;)

How Investors react in different market situations

We all are born with some instincts. Some of them can be changed and some can't. Investment attitude is reflection of our basic instincts. It would be better if we could know our own investment attitude, behavior and style. There is nothing wrong in diagnosing [...]

7 Types of Indian Investors, Which one are you?

Decisions make a lot of difference in our lives. While right decisions at right time can chart a good future, wrong ones can screw things up. This holds true for our finances also. Those who intelligently plan their finances always have an edge over those [...]

Behave Yourself….. Financially

Our entire childhood has gone hearing this phrase from our parents and elders—“Behave yourself…” Thanks to this stock phrase, most of the mannerisms, etiquettes and emotions that we display in public, are shaped by our desire to “prim and propah”. Basically, it is the behavior [...]

The moment someone wants to talk about life insurance to you, what comes to your mind? -         Not again! I am already having many life insurance policies with me. How much more should I invest in Insurance. I need some other investment option. -         I [...]

10 investment mistakes to Avoid

There are ten common mistakes made repeatedly by investors. You can significantly boost your chances of investment success by becoming aware of these typical errors and take steps to avoid them. 1.    No Plan for investment People do invest in products but there is no [...]

KISS Strategy in Financial Products: Keep It Simple Stupid

'Keep it Simple Stupid' phrase is mostly used in Management Books where it is taught that the more simpler the solution would be, the more effectiveness it will have. Management is nothing but techniques that should be used in day to day life. Even in [...]