Investment Planning

Why should you invest regularly

To be successful in any facet of life, there is one thing which is most important – discipline. Whether you want to be a successful businessman or a good student, you want to keep yourself fit or you do anything is life, discipline is must. [...]

Long Term and Short Term Investments

Most of the time when we are discussing with clients, their first question is ” Where should I invest my money to get the best return”. If you are a regular reader of our articles, then even you will be able to answer this question [...]

Term Plan – the right way to take Insurance

To explain the way to buy life insurance, let us first explain the way you buy all the insurance other than LIFE INSURANCE. One of the most common insurance that we buy is vehicle insurance. Now what is the purpose of buying a Vehicle insurance. [...]

Why Ban on ULIP ?

On Sunday morning when people got up and read news papers, many got a shock of their lives and many were worried as well. Not that any calamity happen nor government raised any taxes. The news was “Banning of ULIPs” which made investor worried about [...]

LIC Wealth Plus – Aapki ya Aapke Agent Ki

LIC wealth Plus was grossly mis-sold to naive investors.  LIC wealth Plus NAV is Rs 14.44 means just a return of 6.27% since launch. It was launched on 9th Feb 2010 at that time sensex was 16000 & today it is approx 30000 that means [...]

Exit Strategies for mis-sold insurance policies

We at TFL, are working constantly on Investor Education and following different ways and means through which our message could be reached to as many people as possible. Blog, Seminars are few of the ways through which we started Financial Literacy. From January 2010, we [...]

Ad Mad: Mad Advertisement(Metlife Monthly Income)

“MEDIA WOH CHEEZ HAI JO HERO ko JERO aur JERO ko HERO bana deti hai. Many a times, we are pondered with questions from investors that we have seen ad in the TV or other media like news papers, hoarding etc and they look very [...]

Eighth Wonder of the World

In this post, we shall not be speaking anything and let the picture speak the THOUSAND words.Wait a minute, did we say THOUSAND……So lets see what Rs.1000/- per month of investing at 12% rate of return p.a. can do to you at different point in [...]