Investment Planning

Should I Pay Debt or Invest?

Many of us face this dilemma – “Should I use surplus money to pay off existing debt or should I invest?” It is not an easy decision to make. But give me an answer – why someone should take a car loan at 11%, when [...]

“A ship is always safe at the shore – but that is NOT what it is built for.” who said this?? And is he talking about ship or something else?? Albert Einstein said this 75 years back but I am sure this can be applied [...]

10 Commandments of Investing – InfoGraphic

Just one word – investment?? And your response will be that you have been doing it since you were wearing half pants or a frock. Remember how you always managed your personal budget with your pocket money. You saved in earthen pots and pig faced [...]

Why do people take risks? The answer is simple. It’s because there is a very sweet, tempting, seducing, deadly, venomous, killing relationship between RISK and RETURN. The greater the risk one takes, the greater is the possibility of getting good returns. (here I am talking [...]

7 Signs that you are a Good Investor

Life is not simple. It does not merely revolve around the maxim “Eat, pray and love”. For most of us, the world around us comprises of responsibilities and these are towards ourselves and our families. Each of us has been trained to believe, since we [...]

Core & Satellite is a very old & proven investment approach. Portfolio construction is a part of the overall investment planning process, that is essential to generate and accumulate wealth in the long-term. Almost everyone has some kind an investment portfolio consisting of assets. For [...]

All of sudden the dollar has become Mogambo for the investment market as both Equity and Debt markets have become very volatile. News channels have shifted their bases in coffins, and have started using terms like “bloodbath”, “butchered” and “bankruptcy”. Are you also disturbed? If [...]

Indian Equities – Past, Present & Future

You must be thinking does this article still make any sense. From last five equity markets have not made any progress, investors have lost money & hence the faith. On the contrary,  I think this is the best time to introduce this article to try [...]