Investment Planning

Three magical words ‘I Love You’ & Four most dangerous words This time it’s different – once you are married, you realise even magical words are a trap. :) Sir John Templeton, the investing pioneer had famously said, ‘This time it’s different’ statement is very [...]

Investments in stocks (Equity), bonds (debt), and mutual funds involve a certain amount of risk. You cannot estimate the level of risk accurately as there are many variables in play – past performance, current performance, micro and macro economic factors. You cannot eliminate risk entirely [...]

Anyone who can make simple thing complex is considered as Investment Guru. The financial media is in the business of broadcasting news, advice, expert opinions etc. It is easy to get swayed by all that advice. But all the advice is not necessarily good for your [...]

In earlier times, senior citizens used to be dependent on their children for financial needs. But this is changing. Rising income, better investment opportunities, and financial awareness have made it possible for senior citizens to be financially independent. Many of them are able to fund [...]

An economic crisis makes it difficult for the business environment to thrive. It affects producers, consumers, and investors. It plays a domino effect and affects employment, consumer spending, profits, credit negatively. It leads to the rise of economic bubbles only to bring a crash soon. [...]

Reliance CPSE ETF Review

I got few emails & messages from clients – asking my view on Reliance CPSE ETF. Also got a request from Business Today Magazine – their post with my quotes is published here – LINK. Then I decided to write a short note… here you [...]

Movement in the markets depend on 2 factors – One is the actual numbers like growth rate, company performance, prices of commodities and local and global economic conditions. The second is the behaviour of the market participants that is the people and their beliefs, sentiment, [...]

Stephen Covey, the famous motivational author and speaker created the term – ‘The Law of the Farm’. What is the law of the farm and how is such a term connected to personal finance? Law of the Farm The Law of the Farm states that [...]