Investment Options

I recently met an investor who 3 months back switched all his Equity Funds to Monthly Income Plans of various mutual fund schemes may it be HDFC, Reliance, Tata Etc. Curiously, When I asked him, he told that his Mutual Fund Advisor has recommended that [...]

Infrastructure Bond for tax saving

When it comes with Tax savings – Indians just love it! For many Indians, investment is limited to Tax Benefit only. What more one could ask for if the tax savings also gives you guaranteed return! This budget Government had introduced another tax saving scheme [...]

Should Indians buy Gold Now ?

Everyone is asking this question – Should I buy Gold Now or Wait ? As in last few years gold is rising & rising very fast. We have done some study on Should Indians buy Gold Now? To understand this, we have to go back [...]

New Pension Scheme (NPS)

NPS or the New Pension Scheme was launched in India on May 1,2009. It is a scheme which enhances the social security in our country and its aim is to provide social security after retirement. Till the launch, in India we had a Defined Benefit [...]

A picture that explains Equity as Long Term Asset