Investment Options

These days you keep hearing that you are getting negative returns on bank Fixed Deposits & other debt instruments. After reading this article you may feel that it’s a big conspiracy done by government against you so that you never become rich.  Sounds shocking? But [...]

All that glitters is not GOLD

People say "all that glitters is not Gold" but now-a days, Gold is glittering more and investors are flocking towards gold. You see, when a user demands a particular commodity more, manufacturer line up for selling more. It is immaterial for the manufacturers whether the [...]

What is equity ? This question is running in every Indian investor's mind. Why? because equities have done very well in past 10, 20, 30 years but investors are not able to make money. What is equity - a share, market,  a fund or an [...]

The Great Indian IPO Mania is Back

The total value of money applied in Coal India IPO was more than total Equity Asset Under Management of Indian Mutual Funds. :( In the film Gajni, Aamir Khan Suffered from a disease - SHORT TERM MEMORY LOSS. Many a times, I feel most of [...]

These days investors opting for Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) has increased as both investors and mutual fund distributors have started understanding the benefits of it. If you look at the figures(in the end of article), you will clearly see that more and more investors are [...]

I recently met an investor who 3 months back switched all his Equity Funds to Monthly Income Plans of various mutual fund schemes may it be HDFC, Reliance, Tata Etc. Curiously, When I asked him, he told that his Mutual Fund Advisor has recommended that [...]

Infrastructure Bond for tax saving

When it comes with Tax savings – Indians just love it! For many Indians, investment is limited to Tax Benefit only. What more one could ask for if the tax savings also gives you guaranteed return! This budget Government had introduced another tax saving scheme [...]

Should Indians buy Gold Now ?

Everyone is asking this question - Should I buy Gold Now or Wait ? As in last few years gold is rising & rising very fast. We have done some study on Should Indians buy Gold Now? To understand this, we have to go back [...]