Insurance Planning

What is Family Floater Health Insurance Policy?

Family Floater Health Insurance Policy Meaning – Health insurance is an insurance cover taken to protect oneself financially during a medical emergency in the family. A family floater health insurance cover is a type of health insurance plan that covers the entire family. It provides cover [...]

Do NOT Opt for Home Loan Protection Insurance Plans

First I thought the title of this article should be “Home Loan Insurance – Daylight robbery” – so you can imagine what I am trying to say. Most of us wish to have a home in our own name. From a financial perspective, it is a [...]

What should I know about e-insurance Accounts

The IRDA has announced that from October 1, 2016, all insurance policies fulfilling certain criteria laid down have to be issued in electronic format. Policies that are being renewed and satisfying the criteria will also have to be in electronic format. Image courtesy of jscreationzs [...]

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Doctors in India

Why indemnity insurance? Doctors were revered in the olden times in India. But in current times,  due to some doctors’ malpractices or because of some doctors and hospitals trying to get more money by recommending unnecessary medical procedures and medicines, people look at the doctors’ [...]

Do you need to Insure your Pet?

A pet is not just a domestic animal for a pet owner, it is a part of the family. Pet owners give love and care to their pets as much as parents would give their children. Therefore just like, we provide insurance cover to our [...]

This month I went through minor surgery & was hospitalized for couple of days; there I though about writing this post – what else you can think in hospital other than bills or insurance claim settlement :) You did the right thing by buying health [...]

All About Max Bupa  Health Companion Plan

It is important to provide for adequate medical protection for ourselves and our family. There are many health insurance schemes available and we have to choose the one that suits our requirements the best. Max Bupa’s Health Companion plan is an individual and a family [...]

Religare Care versus Apollo Optima Restore Health Insurance

It is a general study that each molecule that a researcher discovers takes about 7-8 years to get commercialized and on an average, 3 million dollars is spent on one drug discovery. And still you say that medicines are getting costly. This is a cycle. [...]