Don’t “do it yourself” when it comes to Investing. If you or the anyone in the personal finance fraternity feel I am crossing the line, so be it… Shoot me… When websites and pundits are all of a view that DIY (do-it-yourself) is way ahead, I [...]

10 Commandments of Investing – InfoGraphic

Just one word – investment?? And your response will be that you have been doing it since you were wearing half pants or a frock. Remember how you always managed your personal budget with your pocket money. You saved in earthen pots and pig faced [...]

Understanding Clubbing of Income & blunders people make

Many times you transfer assets to a relative like parent or wife or buy assets for a relative especially non-earning family members in their name with your money. This is done either for emotional purposes, providing financial stability to the relative or to save some [...]

It was the first Union budget of the new BJP led government and an important one as there are high expectations from people of all quarters that the government is going to kickstart the Indian economy, create jobs and bring all round development. The budget [...]

It’s a bull run when… [infographics]

Yesterday I got a call from my close friend; he is a banker – heading loan department. Before even saying Hi-hello, he said “I have 2-3 lakhs to invest for 6 months, please tell me few good stocks.” I was NOT surprised/shocked & told him, you called [...]

Financial Planning Infographics

Rubik’s cube (puzzle cube/magic cube) has an excellent resemblance to our lives – in particular our financial lives.  It is clear that in order to solve a Rubik’s cube puzzle you need to acquire a certain skill set. The irony is that although each puzzle [...]

7 Habits to achieve Financial Success

Steven R. Covey was one of the most respected business writers, he passed away this year (16th July 2012) but he left a treasure of wisdom that will drive mankind in the right direction for generations to come. He wrote a self-help book “The 7 [...]

Rule of 72 & Super Mario Personal Finance Lessons

31st October is celebrated as World Savings Day but what a coincidence Halloween is also celebrated on the same day. (tragedy is we know about Halloween but….) Let’s learn some basic rules that you can practically apply in your day-to-day life. The ‘Rule of 72’ [...]