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4 Lessons from the Real Estate Crash in US

The real estate market has been heating up in India; you can see people advertising real estate jobs on Facebook and the other day I received an email on doing a Diploma in Real Estate! All this reminds me of the real estate crash in [...]

Finance for Young Techies

... You understand stack overflow, fails to understand compound interest. Two interesting things happened in Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC), last year one guy won 1 crore and lost at the next question. Second, Sushil Kumar won Rs 5 Crore but you can imagine he must [...]

White Collar Crooks (aka Wealth Managers)

Watch out for the so called wealth management services offered by the banks. Your relationship manager from the bank will offer to do this for you. I often wonder how qualified these guys really are, they do seem to be smart guys and girls with [...]

How to make money with Credit Cards !

NO!! I am not a credit card sales man pestering people with free life-time cards or enticing them with special gifts to buy more cards, and send them down a debt spiral, while I mint my commissions on way to the bank! I’m just another [...]

How I reduced Rs 20000 From Mobile and Internet bills

The two important and expensive additions to the household budget of this generation have been the Mobile and Internet bills. You may not realize how much you spend on these utilities (yes – they are no longer luxuries – but utilities) but if you total [...]

What is Indian Union Budget ?

The news related to budget must have started flowing around you. Budget is now more of a media event rather than an accounting exercise. Forget for a minute about the Indian Union budget just answer a simple question: What is budget? The definition goes like [...]

Hidden Charges in Buying or Selling a House

In India, it is widely said that marriage and home are made in heaven. This is just due the fact that with the financing, luck also is an important factor. Here we leave the luck part to the astrologers and focus on the financing aspect. [...]

How to Plan Marriage & Avoid Financial Shock

Earlier I thought I should keep the title to “How to Plan Your Marriage” but later I realized that it will be for very few readers. So I kept it “How to Plan Marriage “- every article that you read may not be directly helpful [...]