Family Finances

Tips to Rent Perfect House

There are more tenants than the landlords. And if you have had an experience of living on rent, the itch must have occurred. You must have you had an exchange of words with your landlord over maintenance, or some other issue. That is the very [...]

Are you a Financial Literate?

Financial Literacy level is at very low level but a latest survey shows Indian’s Financial Literacy Level is much better than others. This survey from ING shows that India Ranks at no. 2 out of 10 leading nations. But my question is what your target [...]

How to Plan Marriage & Avoid Financial Shock

Earlier I thought I should keep the title to “How to Plan Your Marriage” but later I realized that it will be for very few readers. So I kept it “How to Plan Marriage “- every article that you read may not be directly helpful [...]

New Bank Base Rate System

Whenever a person borrows money from the bank there is an interest rate that the borrower has to pay to the lender. The base rate is the minimum rate of interest that the bank will lend money at and the borrower has to pay. It [...]

Financial Resolution for 2010

Every year we take some resolution because we want to change our bad habits or adopt something new that may bring happiness to us and our family. According to various surveys across the world Financial Resolutions finds place in top 3 new year resolutions. So [...]