Family Finances

How to Stop Buying Things You Never Use?

When my friend did the annual Diwali cleaning ritual, he noticed that the cupboards had more stuff as compared to last year. Another funny thing he noticed was that there were plenty of things that he did not use for quite some time. Why did [...]

Earn money in the non-traditional way – your second income

All of us want to earn money and today with the advent of technology and innovation, there are various ways to earn money apart from the traditional ways like having a 9 to 6/8/10/11… job. You can start your own business. It need not be something [...]

5 Sketches & 5 Posts

5 Awesome Sketches These Sketches are from Carl Richards book “The Behavior Gap” – simple ways to stop doing dumb things with money. This is by far the most interesting personal finance book that I have read. 1. Focus There is so much we don’t control in life, [...]

When you die without a WILL there are many hurdles which your  family had to go through for claiming the legacy. Worse if any dispute arises then they can be deprived of those assets till the disputes are resolved. Many a times such disputes drag [...]

Read this before you take Education Loan & comparison

30-35 years back, my uncle got selected in IIM Ahmadabad but unfortunately due to financial constraint he was not able to join. Then he dropped plan of higher studies & joined some PSU at junior level. Few years back his son got selected in good [...]

What information to disclose & hide at office

A very strange thing happened recently. I was attached as a financial planner to Mr. X for around a year. He called me and said that he is out of job and wanted to discuss few things. I fixed up a time with him. What [...]

Understanding Financial Infidelity – Symptoms & What to do…

Wikipedia defines, “Financial Infidelity is the secretive act of spending money, possessing credit and credit cards, holding secret accounts or stashes of money, borrowing money, or otherwise incurring debt unknown to one’s spouse, partner, or significant other.” In Indian context compulsive shopping, wining or dining [...]

It was the first Union budget of the new BJP led government and an important one as there are high expectations from people of all quarters that the government is going to kickstart the Indian economy, create jobs and bring all round development. The budget [...]