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Midlife Crises & its Financial Impact

What is midlife crisis? Midlife crisis is behaviour usually displayed by people between the age of 35 and 50 years which is uncharacteristic of them or even inappropriate.  Some people identify the crisis and manage it well by gracefully accepting the fact that they are growing [...]

Top regrets of the dying… What can you do to avoid them

No human can escape the fact that one day he/she is going to die! I can put this in polite words, but a fact is a fact however you put it across in words. We are all busy with education, jobs, family, travel, finances etc [...]

You buy the new fashionable shirt or a new coffee table and you feel that you don’t have a good pair of trousers to pair up with the new shirt or feel that the good old couch does not match up to the nice new [...]

We live in the world of everything ‘Instant’. We can live off instant noodles and coffee. We like something that we see and can have it delivered to us by ordering online. We can acquire the latest gadgets as soon as they are launched or [...]

Should I Pay Debt or Invest?

Many of us face this dilemma – “Should I use surplus money to pay off existing debt or should I invest?” It is not an easy decision to make. But give me an answer – why someone should take a car loan at 11%, when [...]

Can You Afford a Baby?

It is very typical in our society. You have been married recently and soon parents, relatives, friends and neighbours start asking you when are you going to be a parent! Parenthood is a big step. There will be many changes in your life from various [...]

“A ship is always safe at the shore – but that is NOT what it is built for.” who said this?? And is he talking about ship or something else?? Albert Einstein said this 75 years back but I am sure this can be applied [...]

6 Common Money Fears and how to Conquer them

Money brings up all kinds of emotions within us. But the one that is more or less constant throughout and among many people is ‘Fear’. We fear to talk about it, earn too much, earn too less etc. Fear is deeply seated in our genetic [...]