Economic Trends

How Does 2017-18 Budget Affect You

The Union Budget, 2017 was presented on February 1st unlike the past when it was presented at the end of February. This time the Railway Budget is merged with the Union Budget. The finance minister, Arun Jaitley presented the Union Budget. Impact of Budget on [...]

What Should I Know About the Union Budget 2016

The Finance Minister Arun Jaitley presented the Union Budget today. He said that India had a robust growth rate in spite of a global slowdown and shortfall in monsoon in the country. There are further risks of the slowdown in the global economy and turbulence along [...]

India Shining – We will Rule the World

It is well published and we all know that in the past 5000 years of  India  history, India has never invaded any country. But do you know that out of the that last 5000 years, 4750 years – India’s growth rate (which is measured by [...]

Indian Equities – Past, Present & Future

You must be thinking does this article still make any sense. From last five equity markets have not made any progress, investors have lost money & hence the faith. On the contrary,  I think this is the best time to introduce this article to try [...]

Proud to be among the Indian Middle Class

The dream run is on. All researchers are busy anticipating the time when we would cross the US economy and threaten China. The basic assumption of this research is that India is getting rich. The population has become a boon to our nation (I think [...]

Common Man & Rise in Fuel Prices

Everybody seems to be shaken up with the rise in kerosene, diesel and LPG prices and how it is going to impact the family budget. Was it required or not? Did government had any other option or they were economically tied up? Opposition parties have [...]

What is Indian Union Budget ?

The news related to budget must have started flowing around you. Budget is now more of a media event rather than an accounting exercise. Forget for a minute about the Indian Union budget just answer a simple question: What is budget? The definition goes like [...]

India’s Rise How & When(Video)

Hans Rosling was a young guest student in India when he first realized that Asia had all the capacities to reclaim its place as the world’s dominant economic force. At TEDIndia, he graphs global economic growth since 1858 and predicts the exact date that India [...]