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Speak Asia Online – too good to be true

Who will not like to earn a lot of money & the easier you can earn it – the better it is. What about paying Rs 10-12000 in a year & getting Rs 52000 back? Let’s sweeten the deal – also get huge passive income. [...]

Get FREE Personal Finance Software from PERFIOS

It is just the twentieth day of the month and you are wondering where all the money has disappeared? Thinking back you can count maybe two or three major expenses, but it still doesn’t sum up to the large hole in your wallet??!! Doesn’t this [...]

A new innovation has arrived in the Indian Mutual Fund Industry – Franklin Templeton Family Solutions. Some time I tell people that “mutual funds are not investments but investment tool/vehicle to achieve once goals.” And now Franklin Templeton Family Solutions plan fits better in this [...]

5 Important Charts that you must understand to make WEALTH

A Picture is worth thousand words. So today I thought to share few charts that are really important for you to understand. Let me share one more thing that most of the charts that you find on TFL are out of my own research. And [...]

Recently I wrote on Reliance Gold Savings Fund – should you invest?  I think I invited a storm by writing that. The article received lots of comments with different perspectives. People who shared their views included Financial Advisors, Mutual Fund Employees, day traders & investors. [...]

We will miss you Mr Bhave

There are hardly, few people who actually have made difference in your life & you would definitely love to remember such people. And if I talk about my life, Mr C B Bhave, Chairman SEBI holds very high place in that list. He helped me [...]

Reliance Gold Savings Fund Review – Should you Invest?

Reliance Mutual Fund has launched the Reliance Gold Savings Fund & there is a big buzz in market around this product. What a great time to launch such fund when gold is rising and equities are a bit in problem.  Investors are tempted to open [...]

Sensex PE Ratio – is stock market overvalued?

Sensex PE Ratio is one of the most basic & fundamental thing that is seen by investors while investing in equities. Sensex PE Ratio can tell you the valuation of the market (overvalued, undervalued or rightly valued). In this article we will share why P/E(Price/Earning) [...]