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The recent demonetization drive has also made people look for alternate methods of doing business. It has made people aware that there are cashless methods to conduct transactions as well. In this context let us look at UPI – which looks better than many existing [...]

Should I buy or rent a house?

Million Rupee question “Should I buy or rent a house?” because in most of metro cities you can’t buy a decent flat which is under Rs 50 Lakh. In Real Estate series we have already covered “Indian Real Estate Bubble” & “Real Estate Affordability”. Today [...]

Can I afford a house at current prices?

Last week I wrote “Indian Real Estate bubble – will it ever burst?” – People shared a common view that properties are unaffordable for common man & even prices are not going to come down.  Sunil summed it very well “It is quite sad and [...]

Indian Real Estate Bubble – will it ever burst?

Most of the people are of view that in India real estate prices will never come down due to number of reasons including demography, shift of population from villages to cites, increase in earnings, economy growth and biggest reason that lot of black money that [...]

Rule of 72 & Super Mario Personal Finance Lessons

31st October is celebrated as World Savings Day but what a coincidence Halloween is also celebrated on the same day. (tragedy is we know about Halloween but….) Let’s learn some basic rules that you can practically apply in your day-to-day life. The ‘Rule of 72’ [...]

4 Lessons from the Real Estate Crash in US

The real estate market has been heating up in India; you can see people advertising real estate jobs on Facebook and the other day I received an email on doing a Diploma in Real Estate! All this reminds me of the real estate crash in [...]

Recently President Pratibha Patil made her assets & investments public – same on the lines of prime minister & few other ministers in recent past. She is holding assets worth Rs 2.49 Crores. Money Mantra Magazine asked me to share my views on her portfolio [...]

LIC Jeevan Arogya Review – Should you buy it ?

When it comes to financial products no brand can be bigger than LIC. Recently LIC Launched LIC Jeevan Arogya & queries started showering: Deepak “kindly advise me of the new lic plan jeevan arogya. Whether I should purchase it.” Kiran “Please give me details for [...]