Investing is not a Number Game, it is a "MIND GAME"

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Financial Planning Infographics

Rubik’s cube (puzzle cube/magic cube) has an excellent resemblance to our lives – in particular our financial lives.  It is clear that in order to solve a Rubik’s cube puzzle you need to acquire a certain skill set. The irony is that although each puzzle [...]

IDFC Premier Equity Fund Manager Resigned – What should investors do?

No one asked major questions when KN Sivasubramanian (53), fund manager & CIO of Franklin Templeton AMC retired last year after working there for almost 20 years. During his times fund performance was beyond any doubt. May be due to history of Franklin Templeton - [...]

India Shining – We will Rule the World

It is well published and we all know that in the past 5000 years of  India  history, India has never invaded any country. But do you know that out of the that last 5000 years, 4750 years - India's growth rate (which is measured by [...]

Can You Afford a Baby?

It is very typical in our society. You have been married recently and soon parents, relatives, friends and neighbours start asking you when are you going to be a parent! Parenthood is a big step. There will be many changes in your life from various [...]

RIP Parag Parikh – Value Investor, Fund Manager, Author & Guru

Renowned for his analysis on Investor’s behavior in investment field and his long-term stock picking ability - yesterday Mr Parag Parikh lost his life in road accident in Omaha (US) – he was there to attend investors meet of Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffet’s Company). I [...]

5 Things You Should Know About Risk and Your Investments

“A ship is always safe at the shore - but that is NOT what it is built for.” who said this?? And is he talking about ship or something else?? Albert Einstein said this 75 years back but I am sure this can be applied [...]

6 Common Money Fears and how to Conquer them

Money brings up all kinds of emotions within us. But the one that is more or less constant throughout and among many people is 'Fear'. We fear to talk about it, earn too much, earn too less etc. Fear is deeply seated in our genetic [...]

Financial Planning Lessons from Cricket World Cup Final (2011)

Today formidable India will fight mighty Australia - no one can predict the result but let's hope result will be in our favor. Today everyone will be glued to TV or internet but let's refresh our memories before that..... Let's ride on time machine... 2015 >> [...]

10 Commandments of Investing – InfoGraphic

Just one word - investment?? And your response will be that you have been doing it since you were wearing half pants or a frock. Remember how you always managed your personal budget with your pocket money. You saved in earthen pots and pig faced [...]