Investing is not a Number Game, it is a "MIND GAME"

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Financial Planning Infographics

Rubik’s cube (puzzle cube/magic cube) has an excellent resemblance to our lives – in particular our financial lives.  It is clear that in order to solve a Rubik’s cube puzzle you need to acquire a certain skill set. The irony is that although each puzzle [...]

What is Gratuity & How to Calculate Gratuity in 2017

Gratuity in India is an important component of income but ignored by most people, especially in private sector. The reason is people don’t stick with one company for the long term – another reason is the uncertainty of job. Even “Yours Truly” changed 4 companies [...]

Where is Your Post Retirement Plan? Bitter but Truth

Do you have Post Retirement Plan? Life is not going to end on the day you retire & if we talk about finance, the issue is even bigger. Recently RBI published a shocking report where they mentioned only 10% Indians are doing their Retirement Planning [...]

Importance of Financial Planning in Your Life

Financial Planning gives you clarity in life, provides direction & meaning to your financial decisions. Importance of Financial Planning can be understood from the statement of one of our clients “I am just concentrating on the financial plan you have advised me. I am relaxed. [...]

Medium Maximisation – biggest Trap that Hinder Happiness

A ‘Medium’ is something that people get as a reward for doing something. For example, you get reward points for shopping and spending money. But points by themselves do not get you anything. You use the points to buy something which will fulfill your needs [...]

This Time It’s Different – 4 most dangerous words in Investment world

Three magical words ‘I Love You’ & Four most dangerous words This time it’s different – once you are married, you realise even magical words are a trap. :) Sir John Templeton, the investing pioneer had famously said, ‘This time it’s different’ statement is very [...]

Effect of Holding Period on Returns and Risks – beyond your imagination

Investments in stocks (Equity), bonds (debt), and mutual funds involve a certain amount of risk. You cannot estimate the level of risk accurately as there are many variables in play – past performance, current performance, micro and macro economic factors. You cannot eliminate risk entirely [...]

FAQs on Filing of Income Tax Returns

It’s the time of the year to file your taxes. Here are FAQs on IT returns that will make your task of filing returns a little easier. If you have more questions feel free to add in the comment section. Related Articles: How to file [...]

The 50 30 20 Rule – Powerful way to improve Financial Life

Budgeting is not just recording income and expenses. It is a tool that helps you to manage your income & financial life. 50 30 20 rule is really powerful – if used properly, it can be used to allocate financial resources to different financial categories [...]