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LIC Online Term Plan – eTerm Review

Term Insurance Plans are insurance plans where the sum assured is paid on the demise of the person insured. There are no benefits when the policy matures & this is the best part of term plans. So it is purely a protection plan. Online term [...]

Religare Care versus Apollo Optima Restore Health Insurance

It is a general study that each molecule that a researcher discovers takes about 7-8 years to get commercialized and on an average, 3 million dollars is spent on one drug discovery. And still you say that medicines are getting costly. This is a cycle. [...]

Money can Buy Happiness

Money does make life easier and more comfortable. It allows us to fulfil our needs and wants. We can have a good happy life if we are financially comfortable. But how does it give us happiness? Is having money all we need to be happy? [...]

I am too Young to Plan my Retirement is a Myth

Have you thought about your retirement? Are you thinking that you are too young to think about  retirement? Let us take an example - Let us take your monthly expenses are Rs. 25000 per month and assume that you will retire about 30 years from [...]

Aviva Critical Illness Cover – Health Secure – Review

Critical Illness (CI) policies are designed to cover certain critical illnesses, which are normally costly to treat. While different policies cover a wide range of illnesses, the most common are Cancer, Heart Stroke and Paralysis, Coronary Artery Bypass surgery, Major organ transplant (heart, lung, liver, [...]

It is common…Each person is different from the other

Robert Zend, poet and fiction author said, “People have one thing in common; they are all different.” If you look around, you will find truth in the statement. People are different in the way they think, behave and have different habits and opinions from one [...]

Things you should know about affordable Online WILL writing services

When you die without a WILL there are many hurdles which your  family had to go through for claiming the legacy. Worse if any dispute arises then they can be deprived of those assets till the disputes are resolved. Many a times such disputes drag [...]

Apollo Optima Super Top Up Review – Good Plan for Employees

Most of us will have a regular health insurance plan that covers medical expenses up to a certain amount. But with rising medical costs, the sum assured seems less after a few years especially for critical illnesses/accidents. Purchasing another health insurance plan or increasing the [...]

Read this before you take Education Loan & comparison

30-35 years back, my uncle got selected in IIM Ahmadabad but unfortunately due to financial constraint he was not able to join. Then he dropped plan of higher studies & joined some PSU at junior level. Few years back his son got selected in good [...]