Investing is not a Number Game, it is a "MIND GAME"

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Financial Planning Infographics

Rubik’s cube (puzzle cube/magic cube) has an excellent resemblance to our lives – in particular our financial lives.  It is clear that in order to solve a Rubik’s cube puzzle you need to acquire a certain skill set. The irony is that although each puzzle [...]

Keep Away from Too Much News

I am sure most of you have made New Year resolutions and are on your way towards achieving them. I would suggest that you add one more resolution - 'Keep away from too much news'. Read on to find out why I want you to [...]

Midlife Crises & its Financial Impact

What is midlife crisis? Midlife crisis is behaviour usually displayed by people between the age of 35 and 50 years which is uncharacteristic of them or even inappropriate.  Some people identify the crisis and manage it well by gracefully accepting the fact that they are growing [...]

Top regrets of the dying… What can you do to avoid them

No human can escape the fact that one day he/she is going to die! I can put this in polite words, but a fact is a fact however you put it across in words. We are all busy with education, jobs, family, travel, finances etc [...]

Diderot Effect – You may not have heard of it but you may be a victim

You buy the new fashionable shirt or a new coffee table and you feel that you don't have a good pair of trousers to pair up with the new shirt or feel that the good old couch does not match up to the nice new [...]

Mutual Funds Jargon – Get Your Basics Right

Investments in the form of mutual funds have become a necessary instrument to utilize one’s money more effectively for future. As a layman, an investor only knows how to invest in mutual funds and get returns on the investments. Thus, investor’s concept remains limited up [...]

As an Investor, you have to Understand “Law of the Farm”

Stephen Covey, the famous motivational author and speaker created the term – 'The Law of the Farm'. What is the law of the farm and how is such a term connected to personal finance? Law of the Farm The Law of the Farm states that [...]

Instant Gratification is Hazardous to your Wealth

We live in the world of everything 'Instant'. We can live off instant noodles and coffee. We like something that we see and can have it delivered to us by ordering online. We can acquire the latest gadgets as soon as they are launched or [...]

Throwing Good Money After Bad – Sunk Cost Fallacy

Sunk cost is defined as a cost that has been incurred in the past and cannot be recovered. You must be surprised all of us do this mistake - levels can be different. In everyday life, we tend to think that we make rational decisions. [...]