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Assess Your Financial Health With These Ratios

August 20, 2014
Financial Health

In school, one could make out how a student was performing in studies on the basis of grades. In the corporate world, your performance can be assessed by your promotions, salary rise among other things. Basic Health indicators are sugar level, pulse rate, blood pressure. How do you know whether you are doing well in your finances? You might be getting a good salary and leading a comfortable life. But does that mean you are […]

You have a chance to become Freedom Fighter on this Independence Day

August 15, 2014

Happy Independence Day!! I am not sure about you but when I was kid, I always dreamt that I would have participated in India’s Freedom Fight. But still we can do this through some other ways……. go ahead & read this… today you have a chance to do something for the country….   Subsidies are not always good for the economy Subsidies are given in the form of cash payments, free goods and services, reduced […]

How to file your Income Tax Returns Online

July 24, 2014
How to file your Income Tax Returns Online

July 31, 2014 is the last day to file your tax returns for the financial year 2013-2014. Have you filed your ITR? Yes, there are ways to file returns post this deadline but it becomes complicated. Don’t fret, you do not have to make rounds of your tax planner or CA or any government offices. You can fill it online either through the income tax portal or other authorised websites. If your taxable income is […]

Union Budget 2014 – Beginning of Acche Din [infographics]

July 11, 2014
Budget 2014

It was the first Union budget of the new BJP led government and an important one as there are high expectations from people of all quarters that the government is going to kickstart the Indian economy, create jobs and bring all round development. The budget also indicates the broad path that the government is going to take in managing the country. Let us look at what the Budget offers to the ‘Aam Aadmi’ – Source […]

Key Takeaways from the Rail Budget

July 10, 2014
rail budget

There was keen interest from all quarters in the Rail Budget – the first one of the Narendra Modi government. Let us analyse it and see if this is the beginning of the ‘Acche Din’ – E-Ticketing Services will be improved so that about 7200 tickets can be booked per minute and 120,000 users can be accommodated simultaneously on the website. This is a great step as there are lots of complaints on the online […]

How to calculate your Net Worth & why it’s so important….

July 8, 2014
how to calculate net worth

All of us should know our net worth and not just the business tycoons and high profile CXOs. Net worth is the amount by which assets exceed liabilities. It can be used to determine the financial worth of an individual or a business. Net worth is a great parameter to measure your financial standing. It is important to calculate your net worth so that you are aware of where you are in the financial journey […]

LIC Online Term Plan – eTerm Review

July 1, 2014
LIC eTerm Plan Review

Term Insurance Plans are insurance plans where the sum assured is paid on the demise of the person insured. There are no benefits when the policy matures & this is the best part of term plans. So it is purely a protection plan. Online term plans can be purchased online directly from the company. There are no intermediaries and therefore no commissions involved and so they are cheaper than offline term plans. The largest insurer […]

Let us not believe in PREDICTIONS in personal life nor in financial life

June 19, 2014

A turtle who goes by the name, Big Head is predicting results of the 2014 FIFA World Cup matches & in 2010 it was Paul the Octopus. Most newspapers have daily and weekly predictions for star signs which many read religiously. We have experts and analysts who predict how the stock markets will do. This also has many takers. The future is always a mystery which we want to unravel before it comes. We humans […]

10 big Lies that skew Retirement Planning

June 12, 2014
10 Retirement Myths

Retirement planning has gained prime importance largely due to change in the lifestyle of people, increase in life expectancy, concept of nuclear families, and an urge to live independent retirement life without being financially dependent on children. This article also got published on FirstBiz – business news website owned by Network18. One has to be very cautious and meticulous while preparing a correct retirement plan to lead a financially comfortable retired life. Over this, there […]

It’s a bull run when… [infographics]

June 10, 2014
Bull Market

Yesterday I got a call from my close friend; he is a banker - heading loan department. Before even saying Hi-hello, he said “I have 2-3 lakhs to invest for 6 months, please tell me few good stocks.” I was NOT surprised/shocked & told him, you called the wrong guy. I know he was frustrated at the end of the call but I can’t help. (before election results he told me that he is planning to sell ESOPs) This […]